Install Edimax EW-7811Un on Raspberry Pi

It took me while to figure this out but it is very rewarding once you finally get it to work. This configuration is for WPA2-PSK. You can have a WiPI after these7 Easy Steps. Open up the command line LX Terminal on the Raspbian GUI. 1. First things first make sure your Raspberry Pi recognizes … Continue reading Install Edimax EW-7811Un on Raspberry Pi

1Sheeld by Integreight

The 1Sheeld by Integreight is the bridge for Arduino users and their electronic prototyping dreams. The 1sheeld enables your smartphone to act as many different Arduino shields. So what is a shield and why is the 1Sheeld by Integreight so awesome? A shield can be built or bought and it enables a certain function on a … Continue reading 1Sheeld by Integreight

Raspberry Pi and Bitcoin

Yesterday I bought a Raspberry Pi. QuickStart Guide Forum Accesories PYTHON is the key! I just bought a book that goes over a variety of DIY projects with the Raspberry Pi. 20 cool projects I want to learn how to build either a Bitcoin Mining Rig. combine multiple Raspberry Pi's processors using MPI. Hardware: 330Mh/z … Continue reading Raspberry Pi and Bitcoin