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This is all just pulp tech talk. Next post is on Large Scale Solar Bitcoin Mining and Cooling Systems Does technology create disruption or revolution? Creative destruction is brought about through the aggregation of specialized knowledge in unison. A creative combination of: People Money Technology Sharing similar interest and vision in: Social Entrepreneurship- problem tackler […]


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Computer Programming+ Network Marketing + Social Media

I am learning how to computer program. It is going to make me a very valuable man. Why? Because I will apply my knowledge to make a network marketing tool that changes the game. The use of social media in network marketing is just beginning. The use of virtual communication is just beginning in network […]

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Dominic Steil: Entrepreneur in the Energy Industry E for Entrepreneur Efficient and Effective “My Room number in Barcelona is “E 101”. THREE E’s for SUCCESS ENERGY EFFORT EXECUTION “Whether you think can or you cannot, you’re right.”- Henry Ford “Energy deregulation will lead to “the greatest wealth transfer in American history”. – Warren Buffet and […]