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1Sheeld by Integreight

The 1Sheeld by Integreight is the bridge for Arduino users and their electronic prototyping dreams. The 1sheeld enables your smartphone to act as many different Arduino shields. So what is a shield and why is the 1Sheeld by Integreight so awesome? A shield can be built or bought and it enables a certain function on a […]


Internet Trends

Internet Trends + MGI_Disruptive_technologies_Executive_summary_May2013 = The Future of Technology

Computer Programming Entrepreneurship

Disruptive Technologies and Programming

In this 21st century business world, there are two key abilities a person of value should posses: The ability to network and computer program. The social international businessman entrepreneur and ambitious computer programmer.This is who I will be. I want to be able to leverage computer programming and my business knowledge so that I can […]