Bitcoin Hits 400 USD, Correction 500… 600 really?

Over the last two weeks there has been an incredible surge in the price of bitcoin. The higher the price of bitcoin goes, the higher the price of the miners go. There has been a 300% increase in the price of ASIC USB Miners in the last week. Just started mining, the higher the price […]

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Bitcoin Market Price Soars! Time to BUY or SELL?

UPDATE(12:30 PM 11.4.13) Price of Bitcoin has gone up to 233 USD on Coinbase and 230 on Mt.Gox. Interesting, there usually is about a 10% price difference between the two exchanges. So once again the question is: Is the price of Bitcoin going to keep going up and exceed 250, 300 USD?? UPDATE (8:30 AM […]