Dom Steil

On Bitcoin

Bitcoin is.

The security of bitcoin as a protocol is derived from the quantum properties it uses as a secure informational state machine. The state transitions can be trusted based on pure mathematics.

Elliptical Curves Digital Signatures Proof-of-Work Bitcoin as a system is the most powerful machine / computer in the world.

It has already achieved this in a quick almost 10 years.

What makes it incredibly valuable with respect to the concept of money is that it is fairly easy to write to the the most powerful machine in the world.

State is live.

Transactions that are submitted are picked up by 98% of the hashing power of the machine.

It is a universal singleton.

By definition it is information creation in the purest form.

It is quantum in that a bitcoin address exist in a digital layer thats function is created on a spent output and used on input.

That act of transferring a bitcoin is that which creates the value.

No digital file is transferred.

Bitcoin is simply a namespace for the act of quantum transactional state verification.

It is a wave until that act of spending makes it material. It is untangible yet verdical.

Consensus is secured by gravity and energy.

There is a distribution of energy that is secured by the ability to call and announce state change verification. It’s inputs and outputs on the network.

It is a graph database d = 1.32