Dom Steil

Deep Learning

Input Model Output Loss Stop

SGD (Stoastic Gradient Descent)

CNN transfer learning



Recommendation Systems

Users Ids as rows Product Ids as columns

Sparse matrix

Collaborative Filtering


A 1, 10 B 1, 2, 4, 10

Normailze 0-1

ML Dot Product




torchtext torchvision torchaudio

stack mean

DataLoader DataBunch

Tabular Data Decision Trees Random Forrests


Inputs converted to arrays or tensors

Multidimensional array

Deep Learning for Stateset Customers

OCR for Purchase Orders, Agreements, Invoices to then be entered into States.

Hash of Document on IPFS to gateway on Infura.

NLP to create states, create tasks, log calls, etc

Audio API for interacting with Stateset.

Text to Speech across all of the ecommerce stack.

What is our inventory? Whats is our total sales?

Agent and Dial In for Purchase Order and Invoice Settlement.

Subscription and Usage based payments done via calling in..

Stateset + ∆