Dom Steil


CosmWasm leverages WebAssembly - run code, not javascript, in the browser. Can run in Smart Contract VMS.

There are three key messages:

InstantiateMsg ExecuteMsg QueryMsg

cw_storage_plus: Item

STATE Item = Item:New("state")

cosmwasm_std:: JSONSchema

contract elements

deps state schema functions test

cargo cargo test

CosmWasm Smart Contracts

cosmwasm-std cosmwasm-storage

stateset smart-contract template

use cosmwasm_std:: {

  attr, to_binary, Binary, Deps, DepsMut, Env, MessageInfo, Response, StdError, StdResult, SubMsg, Uint128,

cw20 contract

cosmwasm_std::Addr (working with addresses)

Addresseses are typically bech32 encoded.