Dom Steil

Combinatorial Creativity through Technology

The ability to define purpose in one’s life influences their decision to direct time, effort, and resources in acquiring the knowledge and specialized set of skills needed for one’s success in that purpose. A teche, a fluency, an ability to be so great at something; a craft, that it is intrinsic to you and indistinguishable from magic to others. The first step is identify one’s passion, intrinsic advantages, and definite goal. The passion will lead to persistence, which is the main determinant of success in the goal. It is a cognitive effort to set in motion an act of beneficial habits, to autosuggest and program a mindset. A combination of learn knowledge and activity knowledge habit that lead to the acquisition of scarce physical and intellectual assets. Finding these synergies create separation in a particular pursuit or venture. The bounty from this separation is now magnified by the scale and cost effectiveness of digital production channels leveraging the internet. In understanding that which will have the most profound positive and negative impacts on one’s pursuit, one can establish philosophies that augment one’s ability in the attainment of purpose; and substitute those for that which will not.

The right combination of people, capital, and technology in unison with definite purpose creates disruption, revolution and lasting impacts that shape the world. Every socio-economic, environmental, relational, and enterprise problem is a reflection of sentiment and belief. An acknowledgment of truth and a recognition of the necessity for action or non-action. An acceptance of, or an indifference towards a particular problem or game. Only when we question, and ask the right questions that are a catalyst for change in a particular way of doing things, can we change a particular circumstance in our favor. We need to exercise connective inquiry in every aspect of our life.

The future has already arrived, it is just not evenly distributed yet. It can be pivoted, adjusted to the one who questions it, adapted to the vision of the new founder. The ability to consciously simulate the future is what separates us humans from any other animal. Time is our higher level of consciousness. Time is the opportunity to change, pivot, or respond with an application of a combinatorial creativity that rightly directs the force currents in our world. Through a simple, scalable, nimble model driven by feedback loops, energy, effort, and execution. Once in motion, the revolution can outlast the mind it was once born in. It can pivot and evolve into a new idea by new founders.

You control the situation, the situation doesn’t control you. Even if you don’t know what you are doing, you still know what to do. There is a cycle to every opportunity, a time to question, a time to learn, a time to act. Ultimately you want to align your philosophies, your attitude, and your actions; and by doing so you put yourself, your organization and your life in a position to succeed.

I am devoting my full energy, effort, and execution to acquire a high-level set of technological skills in computer programming, build decentralized solutions in Bitcoin and Solar Energy, and work towards solving international enterprise and social problems.