Dom Steil

Baseline Protocol

The Baseline Protocol leverages zero knowledge proofs to sync different systems of record leverage the public ethereum mainnet.

Baseline is a powerful protocol that makes it easy for any organization to use the EVM in a privacy preserving and secure manner. Baseline can be applied to any number of Salesforce workflows and business processes that include standard and custom Salesforce objects. The processes are focused on inter-company b2b processes such as RFP, MSA, Purchase Orders and Invoices. The value of leveraging the Baseline Protocol for inter-company processes is that there is a always on and verifiable way of connecting multiple companies using different systems of record without having to spend time leveraging B2B extract transform load (ETL) and services engagements to have the systems communicate. The other benefit of leveraging the baseline protocol is that the Ethereum Mainnet is neutral across counterparties therefore accelerating enterprise adoption of blockchain networks for b2b interactions.

We combine messaging with ability to publically post proofs that can verified not only to ensure synchroization but also some attribute about data without revealing the data.