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90% of the World's data was created in the past year.

We are living in a time of exponential technological advancement. Recursive machine learning & artificial intelligence, distributed systems and decentralized value transfer protocols, everything on the web creating real-time distributed consciousness. Exciting times.

This past year I learned:

how to program and build on the force platform solve enterprise problems using SaaS last but definitely not least, more about anything and everything crypto-currency.

This is going into the fourth year I have written on this blog and the stats have increased year after year. I just about hit 32,000 all time.

Hit 14,568 for this year. Not bad.

2013: A Year in Review



Some of the highlights from 2015:

Building some of my first Mobile Apps & Demos Moving into my own apartment in SF Presenting in 3 Sessions at Dreamforce Winning the Coindesk Makeathon (& visiting NY for the first time) Going to Texas for my first business trip

Focus in 2016:

Get 60K views on the blog Build my own 21 endpoints to my bitcoin mining tutorials. Build a solar powered bitcoin node and solar powered bitcoin miner bundle. (100 W Panel, inverter, controller) Learn React.js Framework Learn Python (Finish Learn Python the Hard Way) and write my own scripts on the computer Learn Aura (Lightning Framework) Continue to Learn Chinese (Mandarin) Finish the Portuguese Duolingo & move to next one Continue to learn Salesforce APEX Development Use a Myo band during a demo Build out end-to-end Lightning Experience Get it - 185 Read The Intelligent Investor Keep a Journal and write in it daily Trade crypto-currencies daily using ShapeShift, Liquid Drink more water

Funny I just looked at the journal and had already written down 2016 goals; they were pretty much the exact same.

I took a career development class in Barcelona a few years back and we had to do a mental exercise. It led me to the sentence:

I felt like a Boss because I was in my Prime

That is definitely where I need to get to. It's just finding a balance between the craft, the activity knowledge, the learn knowledge; the energy, the effort, the execution. Autosuggestion kicked in, fully engaged, rested, on point, and dialed in.

I kept my blog on instead of May be making the switch soon, once I have it in different languages I could hit my number.

On my Birthday in June I wrote down a few things:

Get Healthy Looking / Toned / Cut-up Capitalize on Bitcoin Read Autobiography of  Yogi Build a Solar Mining Rig Learn AngularJS Continue Chinese Studies Build a Hadoop Cluster onRpi Work smart, delegate, innovate LIVE THE DREAM


I have bought some of my first Stocks using Robinhood. I also am currently reading the intelligent investor.


I have bought into Ether and the Ethereum platform. I am looking into other alt-coins but primarily will be investing in Bitcoin.

Taking It to the Next Level

I have a couple Raspberry Pis, a 21 Bitcoin computer, USB & ASIC Miners, Solar Panels, just ordered a BitSeed with 1 TB of storage (5+ years of future txns), I have a Tessel 2  on the way; I want to build the total Blockchain / Bitcoin system setup:

100 W Solar Panel running +1 TerraHash Running a Full-Node on the Bitseed + 1TB Run a Full-Node on the 21 Computer Run Ethereum Frontier on a Raspberry Pi Run Kali Linux on the Other Pi Connect the Tessel to the 21 Inc computer

Taking it to the next level is going back to my Combinatorial Creativity Through Technology. Combining all of these different technologies, JS, distributed consensus protocols.

Then expand this to Solar Farm with underground mining day. Keep programming in Python on 21 Bitcoin computer. Just writing Scripts, learning the syntax, building the memory.

Lastly My post from 2015

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Happy New Year. Live the Dream.