Dom Steil


I mined just about .99 bitcoin, graduated from college, and became captivated by Bitcoin and the future of blockchain technology.

As I read and research, and reread whitepapers and write, combine, edit, and go back and reedit; in the process I gain a greater understanding and become more cognizant of what this technology actually will enable.

Bitcoin going into 2015

Sidechains, Ethereum, Eris, Counterparty, Hyperledger Number of daily transactions is increasing slowly but surely, it was over 100,000 on 12/04 Mining Book - Profit in $ at x GH/s at 40 B difficulty


I haven't been betting to much on any sector or company in particular. Still doing pretty well on stockwars. Currently like 10-15k outa 210k.

Interesting buzz words I keep hearing in regards to crypto:

Naked short selling

ACH ( Automated Clearing House)

DTCC (The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation)



I was asked two pretty similar questions around the last two  months and both of them kinda stuck with me.

What differentiates you?

What do you do for a living, man?

I didn't really know how to answer the first one. It was in regards to Bitcoin and the industry and my kinda of path in through mining and writing. It is important that I know I couldn't answer the first question. Not just what differentiates you in anything, but the scale of difference, is drastically important. The power law or Pareto Curve is becoming more and more of a factor as our digitization and networks grow. The superstars in certain fields pull away. The best in something is going to have magnitudes more of a market share then even the second best in something.

Mining would probably be the closest though I dont have a couple 100 Terrahash farm in Norway... yet. Still, Be the expert. It could be by far bar none the best Bitcoin blogger, bitcoin miner, bitcoin advocate, bitcoin speaker. Right now I understand on a macro-scale that Bitcoin is going to be big. Now , it really is about the taking that knowledge and applying it to a microscale and understanding the ins and outs of that particular, then just be great at it, the expert at it.

The other one was while at a bank as I was closing a few accounts. A 35$ overdraft fee is analogous to a late fee at Blockbuster. I'll leave it at that.


Bitcoin, International Business, and building with software. The team is what matters. It is going to be international. It really goes back to the team, the people on the team, learning and growing from the best of the best.

Indefinite optimism is not necessarily a good thing on a macro scale, but most of the time on a micro scale as far as winging it, I usually do pretty well, or end up getting lucky as people call it. There are some ups and downs but you just ride the wave and know that you'll be on top soon enough. Same thing with being an insider and an outsider, time just promotes you or exposes you. Its not about being right or wrong, its about when you are right, how right are you. Apply this accordingly.

I am going to keep learning Chinese. I want to make a trip out to Macau. No no... I want to play BlackJack with Bitcoin in Macao, with a stache. Sometime this year.

I am going to keep diving into whitepapers  and try to make sense of the future of decentralized distributed universal transaction ledgers.

I also am going to read some good books, just started Dataclysm.

Probably reread Autobiography of a Yogi and Think and Grow Rich.

Github + Node.js + Heroku + Wordpress + Plugins

I am really going to step up the Bitcoin blog game too.

I'm talking microtipping after each article contributing authors resharing great articles I just passed 17k views I want to be at 40k by end of 2015.

Moving the blog over to

I will also make the language in multilingual by micro tipping readers who translate and email me articles.

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch and French.

I am really looking forward to being able to expand my knowledge of and mostly be able to use plugins. The pretty much is the  big advantage. I need to be able to use widgets and APIs from other websites.

I am going to keep learning  node.js, salesforce1 and heroku. Node.js and SDKs is the most intuitive for me. Creating the JSON package,  stating what npm modules are going to be needed, and building the html, css, javascript files, and javascript server.

Going to start looking at Salesforce Lightning and working with this new set of tools as well.

Stealth Startups to Watch



White Papers to Read or reRead

Storj - Decentralized File/Data Storage

Sidechains - Multiple Blockchains to the Bitcoin Blockchain

Factom - Blockchain File Recording/Proof of X

Ethereum - Decentralized Scripting and Contract Platform DAOs

Weird but Way to True

It is not to hard to explain this phenomenon, but the implications make you think... There isn't such a thing as coincidence, when someone texts or calls me, maybe half a second later their name will show up in my phone. Or for example last night I am watching the 5 oclock news maybe a half hour after I finished my research paper about the need for more computer science studies and one of the stories is about an Hour of Code, uses two separate statistics I had in my paper(only 3% graduate with CS degrees, and 1,000,000 new jobs unfilled  by 2020), and it was to close in time, in detail, everything.

What I am getting at goes back to my post The Other Side of The Coin. I am not saying we live in the Matrix... but we definitely live in some sort of electrical digital connected world that could enable things we thought would only be possible in a sci-fi movie. I don't know... stuff like Telepathy, Time Travel... Simulation Argument, Simulation Theory, Singularity, the development of Artificial Intelligence... After reading Our Final Invention and hearing from Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, about the implications of runaway superintelligence... it's a little scary.

Last but not least... 

My 2014 Bitcoin Articles by Month

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