Dom Steil


To start off 2014 I am taking a variety of classes online:

Udacity- Salesforce App Development Stanford Coursera- Cryptography Stanford Coursera- Social and Economic Networks Coursera- Game Theory II Coursera- Startup Engineering MOOC Stanford NovoEd- Technology Entrepreneurship Codecademy- Python Khanacademy- Python

I am focusing on mobile internet trends especially 802.11ac enterprise applications, ad tech especially Radium One, and Hotspot 2.0.

I am mining Bitcoins with a Raspberry Pi and look to add more hardware in the very near future. (Blockerupter Cube 30-38 GH/s)

I am buying solar, gene sequencing/biotech, robotics, 3D printing stocks.

I am learning to build apps with Point and Click on the Salesforce PaaS and also am continuing to learn Python from scratch to build an API information aggegrator with

Oh yeah and I finishing up my last semester of college and working on a way to get down to Brazil for the World Cup this summer.