Dom Steil


I started this "blog" in January 2013 as part of a Global Career Development Class I took in Barcelona. It has evolved from a trial in blogging, personal branding, and learning Wordpress to a tech site discovered by people around the world. Well sort of, according to stats at least.

I started writing about my network marketing goals with ACN and my experiences while abroad. I wrote about places I went, how to operate MLM organizations, then I started writing about new tech trends. I started writing down everything I thought of in my Iphone notes.  100s of ideas and notes. Then I would take my notes and put them into a blog article. It was anything I was learning in Europe whether it be a cool quote I didn't want to forget, a new way to think about business, problems to solve, skills to learn, and ultimately things I thought I would be invaluable to my future in business. About mid summer I realized my blog had transformed. I was back in the Bay Area, I was reading, golfing, looking for synergies in technology, something I could capitalize on, and I was still writing on this site.

I caught on to a few things like how to use Categories and Tags appropriately to optimize the SEO. I learned how to use featured images instead of just a media input. I could post in HTML on my Iphone5 from anywhere I could find WiFi.

I then started going into what I thought would trend. What people were searching for and what was going to be viral next on the internet. I wrote about QR Codes, Hotspot 2.0, the Urban Operating System, International Business, and most recently Bitcoin.

In the months of October, November, and December, my mind was captivated and still is about the possibilities of the Bitcoin protocol/ Bitcoin Mining/ the worldwide distributed ledger. I started seeing my website get hundreds of visitors a day from all around the world. I then went to Reddit and started posting my blog articles there to drive traffic. I realized that if I was on of the first to write about technology that others were interested in and I tagged it appropriately then it would be one of the first sites to pop up when people Googled it.

Going into 2014 I will continue to write about what I believe will have the biggest disruptive and revolutionary effects in the fields of Business, Information, and Technology.

I didn't mean to have a blog like this, and a year ago if you told me I would have one I would have laughed at you. This tech blog transpired from a year of a intellectual growth and ultimately what I learned will have the most profound effects on the future.