2013: A Year in Review

I started this "blog" in January 2013 as part of a Global Career Development Class I took in Barcelona. It has evolved from a trial in blogging, personal branding, and learning WordPress to a tech site discovered by people around the world. Well sort of, according to stats at least. I started writing about my … Continue reading 2013: A Year in Review

The College Paradox

"Don't let schooling interfere with your education."-Mark Twain I have not bought any books for my classes this year, however I have bought books on Computer programming, App development, telecommunications, Microsoft Excel 2013, Wireless Network Security and enterprise mobile internet. I am paying for two language classes yet I am learning to speak a new … Continue reading The College Paradox


For whatever reason: Box Inc. Compound Photonics Cloudxtension Crittercism Digitaloptics Corporation Duracell Powermat Technologies Forescout Technologies Franklin Wireless Freescale Semiconductor GCT Semiconductor, Inc. GE Energy Storage Glympse GT Advanced Technologies Guavus Infinite Peripherals Surfeasy Inc Interdigital Invensense, Inc. Inventit Inc. Jasper, Wireless, Inc. JPL NASA Juniper Networks Keynote Deviceanywhere Koamtac Lifeproof Liquipel Ludei Manageengine Montavista … Continue reading PulpTechCompanies

The easiest way to buy Bitcoins with US Dollars

So you want to buy some Bitcoins? Cool. Not a bad idea. They are a relatively new technology and I am sure there will be some great opportunities and stories that come from this digital cryptocurrency. Good Luck. The most efficient and effective way to buy Bitcoins with US Dollars: 1. Acquire some capital and … Continue reading The easiest way to buy Bitcoins with US Dollars

New LinkedIn Profiles

The new LinkedIn Profile is going to change professional networking forever. It enables users to build a story of were they have been and more importantly where they are going. LinkedIn as we knew it was the first viral online resume platform for our new tech savvy and very connected generation. It is now evolving into … Continue reading New LinkedIn Profiles

Computer Programming+ Network Marketing + Social Media

I am learning how to computer program. It is going to make me a very valuable man. Why? Because I will apply my knowledge to make a network marketing tool that changes the game. The use of social media in network marketing is just beginning. The use of virtual communication is just beginning in network … Continue reading Computer Programming+ Network Marketing + Social Media