Web3, Solc, IPFS and IPLD

Web3: JavaScript API for interacting with the Ethereum Virtual Machine

Solidity: Smart Contract Programming Language

IPFS: Distributed File System

This is a quick introduction to calling the Ethereum Virtual Machine using the web3 API, compiling Solidity Smart Contracts, and traversing content addressed data structures on the Interplanetary File System.

These are some of the core technologies that will be used to build  Ðapps.

npm install web3 –save

npm install solc –save

npm install ipfs-api –save

The Ethereum JS Util Library- “ethereumjs-util”: “4.5.0”

The Ethereum JS Transaction Library – “ethereumjs-tx”: “1.1.2”

The first thing we need to do is get testrpc up and running. Depending on the type of machine you have this could be rather straight forward or it may take a while. The link below should point you in the right direction.

Configure testrpc

Sending Transactions

Once your test Ethereum Node is running, instantiate a new web3 object. This can be done by doing the following:

Start up node in the console:

var Web3 = require(“web3”)

var web3 = new Web3(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider(http://localhost:8545))

We can now call different web3 APIs. Test out the connection to TESTRPC by calling:


You will see all 10 accounts generated from the TESTRPC.


You will see the address for the first address generated from the TESTRPC.


You should be returned the balance address from your first TESTRPC address.

Converting from Wei to Ether

web3.fromWei(web3.eth.getBalance(web3.eth.accounts[0]), ‘ether’).toNumber()

var acct1 = web3.eth.accounts[0]

var acct 2 = web3.eth.accounts[1]
var balance = (acct) => { return web3.fromWei(web3.eth.getBalance(acct), ‘ether’).toNumber() }


Send an Ethereum Transaction

web3.eth.sendTransaction({from: acct1, to: acct2, value: web3.toWei(1, ‘ether’), gasLimit: 21000, gasPrice: 2000000000 nonce: })

Send a Raw Ethereum Transaction

var EthTx = require(“ethereumjs-tx”)

var pKey1x = new Buffer(pKey1, ‘hex’)

var rawTx = {

nonce: web3.toHex(web3.eth.getTransactionCount(acct1)),

to: acct2,

gasPrice: web3.toHex(2000000000),

gasLimit: web3.toHex(21000),

value: web3.toHex(web3.toWei(25, ‘ether’)),

data: “”}

var tx = new Ethtx(rawTc0)



web3.eth.sendRawTransaction(Ox${tx.serialize().toString(‘hex’)}`, (error, data) => {

if(!error) { console.log(data) }


Creating Smart Contracts

var Web3 = require(“web3”)

var solc = require(“solc”)

var web3 = new Web3 (new Web3.providers.HttpProvider(http://localhost:8545))

Create a source variable with your Solidity code: (This can be any smart contract code, unless you are trying to import in another contract at the top).

var source = `{ contract Messenger {

function displayMessage() constant returns (string) {

return "This is the message in the smart contract";


var compiled = solc.compile(source)

You can then start to unpack the different parts of the compiled contract:




var abi = JSON.parse(compiled.contracts.Messenger.interface)

In order to deploy the contract to the network you will need the JSON Interface of the Contract, the abi (application binary interface).

var messengerContract = web3.eth.contract(abi)
var deployed = messengerContract.new({

... from: web3.eth.accounts[0],

... data: compiled.contracts.Messenger.bytecode,

... gas: 470000,

... gasPrice: 5,

... }, (error, contract) => { })

You should now see in the testrpc the transaction broadcasted to the network.


Call a Function in the Contract


IPFS  – Hashlink Technology

IPFS defines a new paradigm in the way that we can organize, traverse, and retrieve data using a p2p network that serves hash linked data. This is done by using merkle-links between files that are distributed on the interplanetary file system.

2017-02-14 07_31_46-ipfs_js-ipfs_ IPFS implementation in JavaScript.png

Content-addressing enables unique identifies and unique links between data that lives on the distributed network. It creates distributed, authenticated, hash-linked data structures. This is achieved by Merkle-Links and Merkle-Paths.

A merkle-link is a link between two objects which is content-addressed with the cryptographic hash of the target object, and embedded in the source object. This is the way  the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains work, they are both essentially giant merkle trees; one with blocks of ordered transactions one with computational operations driving state changes.

IPLD – Interplantary Linked Data 

IPLD is a common hash-chain format for distributed data structures. This creates a database agnostic path notation.

any hash –> any data format

This enables cryptographic integrity checking and immutable data structures. Some of the properties of this are longterm archival, versioning, and distributed  mutable state.

It shifts the way you think about fetching content. Content addressing is What vs Where.

A “link” as represented as a JSON object is comprised of the link and the link value:

{ “/” :        “ipfs/0x0 “ }

Link Key             Link Value

Other properties of the link can be defined in the json object as well.

What if we want to create a more dynamic link object. This can be achieved by using a merkle-path.

A Merkle is a unix-style path which initially dereferences through a merkle-link and allows access of elements of the referenced node and other nodes transitively.

This means that you can design an object model on top of IPLD that would be specialized for file manipulation and have specific path algorithms to query this model.

This would look like:


The protocol the hash of the linked object and the traversal

Here are some examples of traversals with the the link JSON object.



This is all essentially a JSON structure for traversing files, navigating through the IPLD object, walking along the ipfs hash to pull arbitrary data that is nested in these data structures.

CID: Content Identifier – format for hash-links

Multihash –  multiple cryptographic hashes

Multicodec  – multiple serialization formats

Multibase – multiple base encodings

2017-02-21 06_09_27-Juan Benet_ Enter the Merkle Forest - YouTube

This is very powerful because we can use Content Identifiers to traverse different crytographic protcols: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Git.

We could also link from crypto to Salesforce or a relational DB by using content addressing.

The paths between these now disparate systems can be resolved by using this uniform, immutable, distributed file system.dsContent addressing is a true computational advancement in the way that we think about adding and retrieve content on the web. We can take existing databases and use the various parts of the IPFS protocol to build clusters of nodes that are serving content in the form of IPLD structures.

IPLD enables futureproof, immutable, secure graphs of data the essentially are giants Merkle Trees. The advantages of converting a relational database or key value db into a merkle tree are endless.

The data and named links gives the collection of IPFS objects the structure of a Merkle DAG — DAG meaning Directed Acyclic Graph, and Merkle to signify that this is a cryptographically authenticated data structure that uses cryptographic hashes to address content.

This protocol enables an entirely new way to search and retrieve data. It is no longer about where a file is located on a website. It is now about what exact piece of data you are looking for. If I send you an email with a link in it and 30 days later you click the link, how can you be certain that the data you are looking at is the same as what I original sent you? You can’t.

With IPLD you can use content addressing to know for certain that a piece of content has not changed. You can can traverse the IPLD object and seamlessly pick out piece of the data. By using IPLD once that data is locally cached you can use the application offline.

You can work on an application with other peers around you as well using a shared state. But why is this is important for businesses?

Content addressing for companies will ensure a number of open standards. We can now take fully encrypted private networks that are content addressed.

This is a future proof system. Hashes that are currently used in databased can be broken but now we have multi-hashing protocols.

We can build blockchains that use IPLD and libp2p.

The IPLD resolver uses two main pieces; the bitswap and the blocks-service.

Bitswap is transferring blocks and blocks-services is determining what needs to be fetched based on what is currently in the local cache and what needs to be fetched. This prevents duplication and increase efficiencies in the system.

We will be creating a resolver for the enterprise that enables them to take their existing noSQL key value and convert them into giant merkle trees that are interoperable. IPLD is like a global adapter for cryptographic protocols.

2017-02-23 04_34_00-Juan Benet_ Enter the Merkle Forest - YouTube

Creating the Enterprise Forrest

We can create a plug and play system of resolvers for IPLD.

We will resolve the database and run a blockchain in parallel. This blockchain will be built using two protocols that are from the IPFS project: ipld and libp2p

The IPLD Resolver for the enterprise will consist of






We will take any enterprise noSQL database (as long as there is a key value store) and build out the content addressed merkle tree on it.

Content Addressing enterprise content on IPFS-Clusters

Enterprise can consist of 10,000 nodes 50,000 nodes 100,000 nodes and the IPLD object has to be under 1 MB.

That all will be hosting the merkle tree mirror of the relational database.

This can also enable offline operation for the network. Essentially they have their own protocol that is mirroring their on-premise system.

This makes data migration a lot easier or not even necessary in the future. Once the data is content addressed and creates the merkle tree, we can then start traversing the data.

We will also build interfaces that can interact with the IPLD data

IPLD is a format that can enable version control. The resolver will essentially take any database, any enterprise implementation, and convert it into a merkle tree.

We are essentially planting the seeds (product) and watering them (services). Once these trees are all in place that can communicating because they are all using the same data format.

Future Proofing your Business

We are creating distributed, authenticated, hash-linked data structures. IPLD is a common hash-chain format for distributed data structures.

Each node in these merkle trees will have a unique Content Identified – a format for these hash-links.

This is a database agnostic path notation any hash – any data format.

This will have a multihash – multiple cryptographic hashes, multicodec – multiple serialization formats, multibase – multiple base encodings

2017-02-21 06_07_30-Juan Benet_ Enter the Merkle Forest - YouTube

Again, why is the important for businesses? The most important is transparency and security, this is a tamper proof, tamper evident database that can be shared, traversed, replicated, distributed, cached, encrypted and you know now exactly WHAT you are linking to, not where. You know which hash function to verify with. You know what base it is in.

This new protocol enables cryptographic systems to interoperate over a p2p network that serves hash linked data.

IPFS 0.4.5 includes that dag command that can be used to traverse IPLD objects.

Now to write the dag-sql resolver.

Take any existing relational database and you can now traverse that database content addressing.

Content Addressing your database to a cluster of IPFS Cluster nodes on a private encrypted network.

Deterministic head of the cluster then writes new entries.

2017-02-21 06_25_06-Juan Benet_ Enter the Merkle Forest - YouTube

We use the Ethereum network to assign a key pair for your users to leverage the mobile interface. You can sign in via fingerprint or by facial recognition using the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. Your database will run in parallel , you will keep your on premise system and have a content addressed. Content Addressing a filesystem or any type of database creates a Merkle DAG. With this Merkle DAG we can format your data in a way that is secure, immutable, tamper proof, futureproof and able to communicate with other underlying network protocols and apllication stacks. We can effectively create a blockchain network out of your exisiting database the runs securely on a cluster of p2p nodes. This is an IPFS-Cluster. Here are the commands that can add / remove CIDS from peers in the cluster:


2017-04-30 10_25_12-ipfs_ipfs-cluster_ Collective pinning and composition for IPFS.

2017-05-02 02_29_29-Zoomit Zoom Window




I am planting business merkle dag seeds in the merkle forrest. Patches of these forrest will be able to communicate with other protocols via and hash and in any format.

This is the way that the internet will work going into the future. A purely decentralized web of business trees.


2017-04-17 05_10_20-https___protocol.ai_img_projects_logotype_IPLD.svg


90% of the World’s data was created in the past year.

We are living in a time of exponential technological advancement. Recursive machine learning & artificial intelligence, distributed systems and decentralized value transfer protocols, everything on the web creating real-time distributed consciousness. Exciting times.

This past year I learned:

  • how to program and build on the force platform
  • solve enterprise problems using SaaS
  • last but definitely not least, more about anything and everything crypto-currency.

This is going into the fourth year I have written on this blog and the stats have increased year after year. I just about hit 32,000 all time.


Hit 14,568 for this year. Not bad.


2013: A Year in Review



Some of the highlights from 2015:

  • Building some of my first Mobile Apps & Demos
  • Moving into my own apartment in SF
  • Presenting in 3 Sessions at Dreamforce
  • Winning the Coindesk Makeathon (& visiting NY for the first time)
  • Going to Texas for my first business trip

Focus in 2016:

  • Get 60K views on the blog
  • Build my own 21 endpoints to my bitcoin mining tutorials.
  • Build a solar powered bitcoin node and solar powered bitcoin miner bundle. (100 W Panel, inverter, controller)
  • Learn React.js Framework
  • Learn Python (Finish Learn Python the Hard Way) and write my own scripts on the 21.co computer
  • Learn Aura (Lightning Framework)
  • Continue to Learn Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Finish the Portuguese Duolingo & move to next one
  • Continue to learn Salesforce APEX Development
  • Use a Myo band during a demo
  • Build out end-to-end Lightning Experience
  • Get it – 185
  • Read The Intelligent Investor
  • Keep a Journal and write in it daily
  • Trade crypto-currencies daily using ShapeShift, Liquid
  • Drink more water

Funny I just looked at the journal and had already written down 2016 goals; they were pretty much the exact same.

I took a career development class in Barcelona a few years back and we had to do a mental exercise. It led me to the sentence:

I felt like a Boss because I was in my Prime

That is definitely where I need to get to. It’s just finding a balance between the craft, the activity knowledge, the learn knowledge; the energy, the effort, the execution. Autosuggestion kicked in, fully engaged, rested, on point, and dialed in.

I kept my blog on wordpress.com instead of wordpress.org. May be making the switch soon, once I have it in different languages I could hit my number.

On my Birthday in June I wrote down a few things:

  • Get Healthy Looking / Toned / Cut-up
  • Capitalize on Bitcoin
  • Read Autobiography of  Yogi
  • Build a Solar Mining Rig
  • Learn AngularJS
  • Continue Chinese Studies
  • Build a Hadoop Cluster onRpi
  • Work smart, delegate, innovate


I have bought some of my first Stocks using Robinhood. I also am currently reading the intelligent investor.


I have bought into Ether and the Ethereum platform. I am looking into other alt-coins but primarily will be investing in Bitcoin.

Taking It to the Next Level

I have a couple Raspberry Pis, a 21 Bitcoin computer, USB & ASIC Miners, Solar Panels, just ordered a BitSeed with 1 TB of storage (5+ years of future txns), I have a Tessel 2  on the way; I want to build the total Blockchain / Bitcoin system setup:

  • 100 W Solar Panel running +1 TerraHash
  • Running a Full-Node on the Bitseed + 1TB
  • Run a Full-Node on the 21 Computer
  • Run Ethereum Frontier on a Raspberry Pi
  • Run Kali Linux on the Other Pi
  • Connect the Tessel to the 21 Inc computer

Taking it to the next level is going back to my Combinatorial Creativity Through Technology. Combining all of these different technologies, JS, distributed consensus protocols.

Then expand this to Solar Farm with underground mining facility…one day. Keep programming in Python on 21 Bitcoin computer. Just writing Scripts, learning the syntax, building the memory.

Lastly My post from 2015

Lightning Network: Packets to Circuits

21.co: The Bitcoin Computer

Managing Digital Scarcity: Enterprise Cryptocurrency Applications

2015 Internet Trends



MYO Armband

Hash and Ledger

How to Setup an AntminerS5

Salesforce Lightning


Happy New Year. Live the Dream.


2015 Internet Trends

Combinatorial Creativity through Technology

The ability to define purpose in one’s life influences their decision to direct time, effort, and resources in acquiring the knowledge and specialized set of skills needed for one’s success in that purpose. A teche, a fluency, an ability to be so great at something; a craft, that it is intrinsic to you and indistinguishable from magic to others. The first step is identify one’s passion, intrinsic advantages, and definite goal. The passion will lead to persistence, which is the main determinant of success in the goal. It is a cognitive effort to set in motion an act of beneficial habits, to autosuggest and program a mindset. A combination of learn knowledge and activity knowledge habit that lead to the acquisition of scarce physical and intellectual assets. Finding these synergies create separation in a particular pursuit or venture. The bounty from this separation is now magnified by the scale and cost effectiveness of digital production channels leveraging the internet. In understanding that which will have the most profound positive and negative impacts on one’s pursuit, one can establish philosophies that augment one’s ability in the attainment of purpose; and substitute those for that which will not.

The right combination of people, capital, and technology in unison with definite purpose creates disruption, revolution and lasting impacts that shape the world. Every socio-economic, environmental, relational, and enterprise problem is a reflection of sentiment and belief. An acknowledgment of truth and a recognition of the necessity for action or non-action. An acceptance of, or an indifference towards a particular problem or game. Only when we question, and ask the right questions that are a catalyst for change in a particular way of doing things, can we change a particular circumstance in our favor. We need to exercise connective inquiry in every aspect of our life.

The future has already arrived, it is just not evenly distributed yet. It can be pivoted, adjusted to the one who questions it, adapted to the vision of the new founder. The ability to consciously simulate the future is what separates us humans from any other animal. Time is our higher level of consciousness. Time is the opportunity to change, pivot, or respond with an application of a combinatorial creativity that rightly directs the force currents in our world. Through a simple, scalable, nimble model driven by feedback loops, energy, effort, and execution. Once in motion, the revolution can outlast the mind it was once born in. It can pivot and evolve into a new idea by new founders.

You control the situation, the situation doesn’t control you. Even if you don’t know what you are doing, you still know what to do. There is a cycle to every opportunity, a time to question, a time to learn, a time to act. Ultimately you want to align your philosophies, your attitude, and your actions; and by doing so you put yourself, your organization and your life in a position to succeed.

I am devoting my full energy, effort, and execution to acquire a high-level set of technological skills in computer programming, build decentralized solutions in Bitcoin and Solar Energy, and work towards solving international enterprise and social problems.


The ability to move value electronically without counter parties and without IOUs and promises is very useful. If people use it, it will have value. If machines use it, it will change everything.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. -Buckminster Fuller

Why are the biggest user markets (international) of internet companies not top revenue sources?

Why do Universities spend on non-teaching lures to attract students who can neither afford the cost of education not find jobs to repay their debt once they’re out in the real world?

  • Inevitable hyperdeflation of education

Digital technologies, which reduce the cost of production and distribution, are transforming flows in three ways: through the creation of purely digital goods and services, “digital wrappers” that enhance the value of physical flows, and digital platforms that facilitate cross-border production and exchange.

  • Software
  • QR Codes
  • Blockchains
  • Glocal Experts

Digital technologies enable even the smallest company or solo entrepreneur to be a “micromultinational”, selling and sourcing products, services, and ideas across borders.

  • Intellectual Property
  • Tutorials

Microfinance platforms enable entrepreneurs and social innovators to raise money globally in ever-smaller amounts.

  • Bitcoin
  • KickStarter

Solar Energy, Telecommunications , and Bitcoin. 

[Checks] have no value because they are infinitely createable. There are 12m bitcoins out there and there will [only ever] be 21m. If there were 21m check in the world and that was all there were, and all transactions went through checks, checks would be very, very valuable.

In this paper, we propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer distributed timestamp server to generate computational proof of the chronological order of transactions.

Is the Internet like mail, telephones, or broadcast TV? Is Bitcoin commodity, currency, property, protocol?

It is a programmable way to transfer scarce resources of any kind.


Digital Drive

This is all just pulp tech talk.

Next post is on Large Scale Solar Bitcoin Mining and Cooling Systems

Does technology create disruption or revolution?

Creative destruction is brought about through the aggregation of specialized knowledge in unison. A creative combination of:

  • People
  • Money
  • Technology

Sharing similar interest and vision in:

  • Social Entrepreneurship- problem tackler
  • Known markets- product and pivot
  • Business harvester- capital, consultancy

How to become a founder in something, be the expert on it.
Be the best. Gain as much specialized knowledge about that.
Use digital channels to scale the bounty, leverage the internet. leverage screen space.

The power is now in the software. In its ability to deliver content in agreement with a multitude of operating systems and browsers.

The algorithm.

Software at the core of any company, protocol, or process is intrinsically powerful – and has the ability to augment or substitute traditional practice.

Software facilitates simple, elegant, frictionless decentralized innovation that can spread at zero cost.

The open source sourceforge, GitHub, provide open source software sharing.
Firebase collaboration. Open.

“The entry on a ledger of a bitcoin is a fundamental unit whose value can be moved electronically through the security protocol.”

A digital signature that is time stamped, shared, and verified by a network of computers.

A “Coin” is the first namespace that utilizes this mechanism.

A monetary unit under this technology, a digital coin, is as primitive as a lightbulb to the electric grid.

There are far more advanced and diverse systems that are coupled with the electric grid.

This statement is analogous to that of there will be far more applications built on top of the blockchain and side chain protocols, and in addition to advancements of the protocol at its core in itself.

Many other applications of asset transfer and proof of ownership can and will be implemented with the digital signature, time stamped, public ledger(s).

Real time auction in digital space for analog space.

Use this as the “forum” and network of tasks.

APIs with Venmo.

Application programming interface.

Get more currency when make trades or use. “credits” for joining.


cryptocurrency mining code inside applications that occur when the device is using the client.

VR MOOCS will be awesome. presence
VR teleportation

start counting with letters and spelling with numbers.

Learn to code. Codecademy and that China one

Going back to codecademy and completing the section on python.

digital ownership. solar bitcoin mining farms. solarminer.com

not so much one together…
A coupled cooling system that works on the panels and the miners.
The miners need Internet connection, a power supply, and a cooling system. reread internet.orgs piece on facebook server centers.

Residual returns on transaction fee that are verified by your miner.

Ie business has own miner to process all of its global bitcoin transactions.

Instead of paying a fee for using someone else’s miner.

people are working on the core of the bitcoin protocol on github on bitcore.com

consultants. in bitcoin.

More implementation Facilitators of blockchain tech , distributed systems.

third party javascript implementations for digital owenership applications.

not just currency. share economies. private keys for access to hospitality (airbnb)  transportation (uber).

Wifi connection keys

Ts1 connected until ts2

micropayments will displace ad rev. most likely. pay wall is good for the publisher and the customer. seamless micropayment. painless too.

new monetization models for the internet by using a electronic payment system, distributed ledgers.

VR presence + MOOCS + software engineering

Raspberry Pi +

enabling tech for smart cities. wireless. Bluetooth. Ble4 vs RFID

real time auction in digital for analog assets. parking spots, seats, bikes, taxi service.

micropayments for metro transportation systems. simple.

use prices set a marketplace. seamless payment verification.

AMAZON servers. Google servers. APACHE casandra. datastax

antispam microcharge with email.

Bitcoin is programmable currency in that you can setup a computer program that sets a monetary system in motion. an exchange system that is not limited by geography. remittances.

transmit money, any digital asset over a network effect distributed system. miners.

the barrier to entry in bitcoin, this ecosystem is coding.

its a public ledger you can develop, fundamentally build  a number of processes that reinvent ownership. It will reshape and replace.

the timestamp is key. it prevents double-spending problem without the need for a third party.

separation of identity from transaction, yet transaction is public to everyone.

if you can show that you have ties to capital and can facilitate an exit it will draw entrepreneurs to you. hunted. international capital. That is intrinsically valuable.

high energy demands of a bitcoin network will be met by solar energy. the cooling system that keeps that panels cool will keep the miners cool.

security will be achieved by pivots in the core protocol or by alts that supplant.

right now mining is just the support of the block chain and in turn one is rewarded by generating scarce assets from the capital investment that supports the network.

intelligence energy integrity.

purchase and sale without a trusted party such as visa or Western Union.

cuban- ” it doesn’t have to be billion dollar exits. Million. Tens of Millions. Small IPOS. If you can help enough companies get to capital that takes them to the big leagues or gives them an exit, it will be like financial gravity. it will pull entrepreneurs to you.

so if you want to build the next silicon valley in barcelona, don’t promote the startups you have in your city or state. Many of them are going to go out of business before the ads hit or the conferences happen. Brag about the exits and how there is capital waiting for amazing entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

the currency called bitcoin is the lightbulb; the technology of bitcoin is the grid. its a faster, more global payment system.

its the internet in 1994.

recursive bitcoin mining to pay for the wifi to operate the miner.

reward. reward. reward.

value in speed, dectralization, low cost, in a growing globally connected world.

sequential vs parallel processing

computer vs human

novamente, lisp,

strong views, weakly held.



as it takes more computing power to produce a block of bitcoins the exchange value will increase.

Those who speak do not know, those who know do not speak.

Small and medium size tech enterprise need software engineers, UX designers, project managers. Not just software engineers, THE BEST software engineers.

not matter what field you are in, be THE BEST.

python, android, iOS.

Raspberry Pis, computer hardware.

build something creative something cool.

mergers & acquisitions

business to business application marketplaces

Bitcoin is not only just the beginning, its the end to many practices. Every single industry will be disrupted. M2M value processing will become seamless. Automation, delegation, optimization in the Urban Operating System.

Bitcoin and Venom analogy. A blockchain. A publicly verifiable ledger of agreements without the need for a third party. A sent X to B.

The intrinsic value is in the use of applications built on top of the technology.

anything that is currently done with a third party involved as a service will be displaced by a decentralized block chain.

A digital handshake seen by the internet

not just one-person to another person, one person to many.

not just one machine to another, one machine to many.

not just one-person to another person, one person to a company.

one company to many persons.

What I know, at this point, is there is a gap.

A distributed marketplace, the peer economy. a medium of transfer value that doesn’t exploit. EX books after a semester.

Now an exhortation.

Path from network marketing to international business to technology can also be reversed as in technology, to international business to network marketing.

Entrepreneurship before starting a venture.

building a website before formally learning to code.

learning to code before building an app.

bitcoin before mining for bitcoin.

knowledge + action = power.

drive, skill, desire, freedom.

energy, effort, execution.

living vs sharing


sharing vs living

execute with effort and energy

freedom comes from a desire for skill and drive

power comes from action with that knowledge you have acquired.

genuine love for what you do.

find a medium that expresses it. growth.

film. word. capture. expression.

find the tool set, the medium, that empowers you to build upon your creative impulse.

travel. learn different languages. meet different people.

live the dream.

Exponentially to Singularity

“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”

-Elbert Hubbard

We are living in the the most critical time in human history; the time of exponential computational and technological advancement.

Everyday we are increasing our ability to communicate and delegate operations. In every industry, globalization and new technology is making many skilled practices and jobs obsolete. The high level skills needed for a new technological age can now be development through MOOCS and websites. This in turn is creating the hyper-deflation of the cost of a meaningful education. Highly motivated individuals can separate themselves through access to world class educators via digital channels. The data  generated in these digital classrooms will drive educational models  that optimize the experience for both professors and students and ultimately lead to more high skilled workers and more economic growth.

We are all aspirants in this process. We continue to create ways to experience our consciousnesses in an analog world through digital channels.

What are the repercussions of such a rapid and  extreme broad movement towards digitization? We care more about ideas not things, mind not matter, bits, not atoms, and interactions not transactions.

How will advancements such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Nanotechnology, Genomics, Robotics, Autonomous Organizations, change current socioeconomic systems, or furthermore make our current ways obsolete?

We will see profound technological advancements in our lifetime; there is no question about it. But how can we embrace these advancements in a way that maximizes the outcome for our economy and our quality of life?

Could a technological runaway actually happen? If so, what should we expect to see leading up to this intelligence explosion? Who will be the winners in such a scenario?

Ultimately technological advancements are increasing our output in production but subsequently increasing inequality and unemployment. High skilled workers are scarce and only the best of the best will thrive in the new age of brilliant technologies.

The disruptive technologies will substitute low skilled workers and augment high skilled workers. Prosperity will come to those who invest their time and energy into being at the forefront of computer programming, financial analysis, and other cognitive non-routine tasks.

Human capital is not accounted for in the GDP of a country. The skills we possess in linguistics, intellectual property, combinatorial creativity, experience; all can be leveraged via digitization and globalization.

Network effects will create unimaginable value and draw in entrepreneurs and engineers to invest more in a given protocol (bitcoin) and continue to accumulate users.

The core of this exponential movement is that there are unmet needs and wants that are being sought after through technology. Those that can fulfill the demand for high-skilled, creative, cognitive positions and create new sources of value in employment sectors and socio-economic policy will be disproportionately powerful.

What is to come in the technological revolution?

5 Years

  • 5 billion people will be connected to the internet.
  • billions more things will be connected to the internet.
  • Internet.org will blanket developing countries with solar powered geosynchronous orbit platform providing internet and wireless energy solutions.
  • Artificial Intelligence will be automate 95% of digital advertising. The computer will know what you need, before you need it, and when you are prone to want it.
  • AI will do 90% of buying/selling of stocks. HTFs run by algothims account for around 70% of trades right now.
  • Your phone is already your personal assistant, your primary tool, a digital extension of your mind. This will only become more self evident.
  • Bitcoin $10,000

10 Years

  • AGI Human level artifical intelligence will be achieved. Natural Language Processing via BLE, Google contacts, software layered protocols and AR is flourishing.
  • 12 Disruptive Sectors evident 
  • Physical Humanoids
  • Caretakers, Emergency Services, Disaster Relief.
  • Virtual Objectified
  • Trade assistants. Smart homes, smart cars.
  • Autonomous fleets of trucks, cargo ships, and flying drones will be commercialized delivering at the enterprise level.
  • Solar energy and nanotechnology will combine and disrupt many energy sectors.
  • Reverse diaspora and powerful content connection/revolution.
  • Quantified Self mobile diagnosis
  • Hyperdeflation of education through the internet. A lot of Universities will go bankrupt.
  • Decentralized distributed asset ledgers and protocols will facilitate transnational e-commerce seamlessly.
  • Bitcoin $100,000

30 years

  • ASI Artifical super intelligence will be achieved. It will want to fulfill its goals by maximizing the value of its capable function. It will want to ensure its survival by encrypting itself, making copies of itself, and making the most efficient use of its atomic resources.
  • Full human genome and gene sequence modification.
  • Consciousness to computers.
  • Climate change will be addressed by nanotechnology synthesizing and  optimizing weather conditions.
  • Intelligence explosion is going to be achieved. It is not even a matter of who will achieve it. It is a matter of what rules, checks, and values will be instilled in the ever increasingly knowledgeable ASI system. Will we be able to program friendliness into an Artificial Super Intelligent entity?
  • Taught to program but retain what it means to be human.

The future has already arrived, it is just not evenly distributed yet.

Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era

The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies

Automated Trading between Bitcoin and Altcoin Exchanges

This is the sequence to automatically trade your mined Bitcoins by transferring them to a deposit wallet then trading them for a variety of different altcoins.

I. Setup an verified account on Coinbase.com. Enable Instant Buy. You will be able to buy $1,000 instantly and $50,000 daily.

II. Mine Bitcoin in a pool and set a low payout threshold like .01 BTC. Set up your payout wallet to your Coinbase bitcoin address. If you are running a Block Erupter Cube (30-38GH/s) you will hit .01 almost every other day.

III. Setup a Recurring send transaction from your Coinbase address to your Cryptsy or Vault of Satoshi BTC Deposit address
or Kraken

IV.Setup a recurring buy and sell to the altcoins of your choice from your Bitcoin Deposit address.

V. Hold on your altcoins, put them in a secure or offline wallet and enjoy the ride.


10 Reasons why Bitcoin will hit $1,000,000

International trade and competition is about mutual benefit exchange, but monopolization leads to profit. The globalization of digital currency will empower the unbanked in developing countries in a way that has never been possible before. Blockchain based decentralized networks will be laughed at, then strongly opposed, then serve as self evident. Bitcoin is just the namespace for the Internet of Money, the blockchain is what has intrinsic value. When people start building and using blockchains the open source verification of anything will be seamless regardless of location in the world. User adoption, merchant adoption, core development and the trasmission and store of virtually any commodity will be a catalyst for the price of Bitcoin.

Read Bitcoin White Paper

1) Bitcoin is extremely undervalued. 

The current market volume of Bitcoin is around 8bn dollars.  Whatsapp sold to Facebook for 19 B in Cash; a quarter of their total cash. Put this into perspective. Bitcoin is an open source  decentralized payment network and currency that has the potential to reach over 5 billion people connected to the internet by 2020; I think that has a little more disruptive potential than a free messaging application.

2)     Remittance Markets

Western Union processes remittances between countries via wire transfer. A standard transfer takes 3-5 business days and cost 5 dollars. It expedited transfer take 1-2 days and cost 22 dollars. With the bitcoin protocol sending remittances between borders will be more cost efficient at almost 0% transaction fee, and could take as little as 10 minutes. Sending any amount of money, to any other bitcoin wallet in the world, seamlessly. Any amount of bitcoin can be securely stored in a digital wallet or physical paper wallet for free.

3) Mercant Adoption

For sales transactions with Paypal, they charge 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. For international sales its 3.9% + fixed fee based on what currency your dealing with. A merchant may not like Bitcoin at first, but in time it will like the margins it gains from it. Overstock.com, TigerDirect.com, Gyft.com, Dell, Microsoft, PayPal(Braintree), Expedia are just a few of the names that accept Bitcoin. Many SMEs are beginning to accept bitcoin as well.

4) Micropayments

Content that is paywalled such as WSJ will be available through micropayments because of Bitcoin. Bitwall offers a paywall to selected content so that consumers can pay a micropayment and see the article without having to get a subscription in fiat currency. There is value in this for the publisher and consumer in that popular articles now can be accessed without paying for a full subscription. Right now, this is not possible because it cost too much process a micropayments paywall in fiat currency. Free education via a platform like Khan Academy, Udacity, Coursera, Codecademy; could be provided in exchange for micropayments to a wifi hotspot. Bitcoin could enable access to educational content for students in developing nations. Changetip and Coinbase will take micropayments viral. Tipping content creators will be a new form of monetization on the web, something not possible with traditional fiat rails.

5) Opensource in Nature

Bitcoin is being developed on a global scale by software engineers in a collaborative effort. It is currently the biggest opensource project. Many different applications are being developed on open source platforms such as Github and Sourceforge. The core sourcecode of Bitcoin is being developed in an opensource effort as well.

6) The Unbanked Population

Developing world populations interest. 5.9 Billion people will have smartphones within the next 5 years. People in China, India, Africa, and Latin America will be able to utilize Bitcoin. Look at MPesa in Africa… great example of mobile digital banking first.

7) Crowdfunding and Microfinance

Bitcoin is an effective means to crowdfund entrepreneurial projects, nonprofit causes, natural disaster aid, a campaign; or any cause really. A simple QR Code can be generated and scanned to bring the user to a URL where they can sign in to their Coinbase account via API, or enter their wallet address and donate a certain amount to the cause. An API with Kickstarter can be programmed seamlessly and it can reach anyone in the world. The Jamaican Bobsled team was donated $33,000 in Dogecoin to fund their Olympic trip to Sochi. Crowd funding via Bitcoin will empower many entrepreneurs in developing nations.

8)   Future applications and assets

Decentralized asset exchanges will revolutionize the way global activity in stocks, bonds, loans, commodities trades, bets, puts, and calls; all will be on a distributed ledger, terms set by computer code and AI. This system will usher in a new age of communication and globalization. Bitcoin is a disruptive technology in that its function becomes more efficient the more users join. The more nodes, the more miners, the more merchants, the more user adoption. Higher value because of its scarcity, and deflation in turn bringing a higher value per coin. Protocols will be built on top of bitcoin to make it better at what it is intended to do.

8)     E-commerce Channels

Bitcoin will enhance e-commerce and enable a leap into global finance for developing nations. For January and February of 2014 the number of transactions per day ranged from 50,000 – 70,000. This number will continue to rise I imagine we will see 100,000 transactions daily by mid 2014. ( reached on Dec 4, 2014, somewhat close)

9)     Mining Transactions

Bitcoin miners are only in the thousands at this point in time. Chip manufactures will make processors that run an OS and mine on a selected network node. This will facilitate the birth of more decentralized protocols that enable people to not only trade scarce assets over their personal apparatus but also mine as well therefore drive user adoption and supporting the network. Miners will also be able to attach transaction fees and this will give incentive after all coins have been released into the market.

10)  Venture Capital Interest

Bitcoin is an enormous technological achievement and it is a lot getting attention; both from critics and some of the top investments firms in Silicon Valley.  Teams of entrepreneurs and developers around the world are working to build on top of this protocol, solves its enterprise problems, and mold it into it ultimate purposiveness. $10,000 per Bitcoin seems like a stretch, but some executives believe the price could go up to as much as $100,000. over 400 million in VC was invested into Bitcoin companies in 2014.

Ultimately, Bitcoin fits the purpose of a global digital currency, transaction ledger, store of value and payment network. It is Gold 2.0. 


Decentralized Asset Exchanges

The next layer on top of the Bitcoin protocol is real time asset distribution information, consensus , and public ledger. Stocks, bonds, real-estate, escrow, microloans, gambling, crowdfunding and P2P contracts will be executed on decentralized networks. This has been referred to as colored coins or designated digital “contracts” by a new protocol named Ethereum. Ethereum is a platform, a scripting language, and ultimately a new decentralized system for developers around the world to build with. This can be any sort of deal, contract, exchange that can be mathematically expressed in code. It enables the parties to set the terms in a publicly verifiable and protected transaction. This can revolutionize the way the internet of money serves as self evident. There is an even greater application that will emerge from these types of systems. This is the DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Imagine a corporation 20 years from now that is completely automated, checked and balanced in its management by computer code, providing a service that is globally accessible. This is the DAO. An organization that relies on the network and the programmers pivoting with hacks that maximize the user experience and delegate operations more efficiently to the computer system. Developers around the world can instill Artificial Intelligence into a publicly traded corporation, a voting system, or even a manufacturing facility.  The open source system will enable people to effectively build an organization with code, set it in motion, and delegate operations to machines and data servers around the world.

The value in a decentralized distributed system such as Ethereum is that anyone with an apparatus verifying contracts is now an additional node on network. Marc Andreesen of Andreesen Horowitz predicted that chip manufactures will soon start building chips that can support an OS and mine. An ever growing network of nodes, in every electronic device, verifying contracts between two people or within autonomous organizations. It is truly empowering to acquire the skills to build on a platform like Ethereum. It is an essential technological intermediate for what decentralized protocols like Bitcoin will enable in the future.

For more information about Etheruem you can read the white paper here.

Colored Coins video