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Category: Entrepreneurship


After the best 6 months of my life in Europe, I am back home in California. I got back from Barcelona around 3 weeks ago. I turned 21 years old, […]

BizBarcelona: SF-BCN

I guess you could say I am a little bit excited about my future in these two cities. San Francisco and Barcelona have been coined “sister cities”. I even heard […]

Disruptive Technologies and Programming

In this 21st century business world, there are two key abilities a person of value should posses: The ability to network and computer program. The social international businessman entrepreneur and […]

What is Hotspot 2.0?

After watching a few videos and reading a few articles on this new concept, I think I  have an idea of what all the ruckus is about. To understand how […]

New LinkedIn Profiles

The new LinkedIn Profile is going to change professional networking forever. It enables users to build a story of were they have been and more importantly where they are going. […]

My Ambition Far Exceeds My Talent

“Becoming a man of value to the world.” I am Dominic Steil, and I want to make solar energy our global primary source. I want to capitalize on energy deregulation […]