Bitcoin 2.0: Decentralized Asset Transfer

Bitcoin's Killer Apps -'s Blog -  by Adam Ludwin Some ideas for native bitcoin apps - by Chris Dixon Bitcoin 2.0 relates to the non-currency use cases of the Bitcoin blockchain as a distributed ledger for tracking ownership of various other assets. These have been coined as native applications or use cases that would not be … Continue reading Bitcoin 2.0: Decentralized Asset Transfer

Salesforce1 and Bitcoin is the leader in customer relationship management (CRM). The Salesforce.com1 platform allows you to make you own applications on the Salesforce platform. These enterprise grade solutions and CRM applications could spark a new wave of business-to-business applications for merchants and retailers that would make Bitcoin a more seamless and secure payment system. Salesforce1 + Heroku  The … Continue reading Salesforce1 and Bitcoin

BitLicense Proposal Overview and Comment

This is Part 1 of 2 of my Overview and Comment of the BitLicense proposal by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Please note, it is not word for word the proposal but it does go over the major rules and regulations proposed in sections 200.1 - 200.15. Some parts are exactly as … Continue reading BitLicense Proposal Overview and Comment

How to Build the Bitcoin Network

UPDATE: I am working on Raspberry Pi 2 with a 64GB SD Card, instructions how to run a full node coming soon. The open source  and decentralized nature of Bitcoin is it's greatest strength and greatest weakness. The transfer of ownership network consists of miners to process the transactions and nodes to relay them. Mining is … Continue reading How to Build the Bitcoin Network

A State of Mining

There's something about setting up a computer that prints out a digital currency while you sleep. It could be knowing that you are turning electricity into a globally tradable commodity. It could be knowing that you have setup a small stake in a global socio-economic experiment much larger than yourself. Whatever it is, the concept of … Continue reading A State of Mining

The Power of The Blockchain: Future Developments and Applications

Talent hits a target others can't hit, Genius hits a target others can't see. - Arthur Schopenhauer The sentiment surrounding Bitcoin has transformed. It has gone from being known as the anonymous payment mechanism to facilitate illegal transactions, to a speculative digital bubble with no intrinsic value, to what industry leaders are now calling the … Continue reading The Power of The Blockchain: Future Developments and Applications

Bitcoin Exchanges, Wallets, and Links

The Bitcoin White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto - This is the original white paper outlining the peer-to-peer electronic cash system. The Ethereum White Paper by Vitalik Buterin Bitcoin Exchanges EU/RUSSIA/CHINA EU World  Latin America World BTC China China OKcoin China Huobi China Bits of Gold Israel BTC X India India Kraken Bitcoin and Altcoin Exchange Cryptsy 150+ Altcoins Exchange Vault of … Continue reading Bitcoin Exchanges, Wallets, and Links

How to Setup an Antminer S1Bitcoin Miner

The Antminer S1 is an ASIC miner that hashes at 180-200 GH/S. It comes with a excellent user interface setup page that is accessible by your web browser. In this tutorial, I will explain how to setup your Antminer S1 with the required hardware, get to the miner's setup page, and lastly configure the miner to your … Continue reading How to Setup an Antminer S1Bitcoin Miner

The Top 5 Bitcoin Analogies

1) Bitcoin is the lightbulb, the blockchain is the electrical grid. The lightbulb is the on loading mechanism, but there will be many more applications built on the grid. 2) Explaining Bitcoin to a bank feels like explaining what is to Barnes and Nobles and what Netflix is to Blockbuster. 3) 21 million coins for … Continue reading The Top 5 Bitcoin Analogies