Business & Technology

My name is Dom Steil. I am a Bitcoin investor and miner. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, startups, tech, computer programming and international business.

Silicon Valley

Business & Technology

Decentralized Enterprise Solutions: Solar Energy and Bitcoin

My background 

Business, Astronomy and Philosophy

I am currently studying for my California Real Estate License Exam and building Bitcoin applications using:

  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • Blockchain APIs
  • Salesforce1 platform

Combinatorial Creativity through Technology

I have used Prolog to building Natural Language Processors between English to Spanish and English to Japanese.

I have used Processing, Photoshop, and Illustrator for graphic animations.


I speak English and Spanish.

I am teaching myself Portuguese & Mandarin.


Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Autobiography of a Yogi- Parmanhansa Yogananda

Energy Myths and Realities – Vaclav Smil

The Stuff of Thought – Steven Pinker

The Future of the Mind – Michio Kaku

A More Beautiful Question – Warren Berger

The Second Machine Age- Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

Our Final Invention – James Barrat

Zero to One – Peter Thiel

The Marshmellow Test – Walter Mischel


Making Things Talk

Raspberry Pi Projects for the Evil Genius


Third Party JavaScript- Vinegar

Node.js in Action – Cantelon, Harter, Holowaychuk, Rajlich

PhoneGap Essentials- Wargo

JQuery Novice to Ninja- Castledine & Skarkie

Android Wireless Application Development


The Essential Guide to Telecommunications

Wireless Network Security


Responsive Web Design Handbook

UX for Lean Startups

My Information Sources

McKinsey Quarterly

Wall Street Journal

Harvard Business Review








My ambition far exceeds my talent

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