Code.Org Awesome video about the upside of computer coding and the freedom it gives you with making your ideas a reality.

A Day of Networking In Barcelona

Yesterday I had a pretty surreal day. After my classes, I went to the Mobile World Congress and saw some amazing companies. All the big shots gathering around to present the next […]


This morning I went to ACN BCN, this business center for networkers here in Barcelona. What a great group of people there. I felt very welcomed and so fortunate to […]

Some of the Basics

It is designed to create sales and marketing ability by giving compensation to the company’s promoters of products and services. They only receives based on the number of products or […]

Future Job?

Very interesting. I could see myself opening up the market.

Why not?

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates said that the deregulation of energy will be the greatest shift in wealth in our lifetime. 50% of college graduates in the year 2012 are […]

Final Weekly Schedule

I am committing 10-15 hours a week to my Network Marketing Business. It is a very consistent and persistent schedule. I am keeping this system as simple as possible. Monday […]

Keep It Simple

I have turned a new leaf with network marketing after listening to a USB on a 3 hour bus ride from Paris to Lille, France. It is about being persistent […]

“Facts tell and Stories Sell”

Everything you say or do needs to enhance your position as an expert and a leader who can show others exactly how to get what he or she really wants […]

Capitalize on Energy Deregulation

Is there a Demand for this type of business? Yes. Given the ongoing employment struggle for college graduates and the millions of unemployed and underemployed, this burgeoning business is a […]


This is my new professional blog however I am also giving a little update on my time abroad so far. I am taking a Career Development class here in Barcelona […]