2015 Internet Trends

Angular JS

Model: The data shown to the users. The model data are simple javascript objects.

View: This is what the users see when they visit the page, that is after the raw HTML template involving directives and expressions is compiled and linked with correct scope.

Controller: The business logic that drives the application

This framework is known as MVC.

Scope: A context that holds data models and functions. A controller usually sets these models and functions in the scope.

Directives: Something that teaches HTML new syntax. It extends HTML with custom elements and attributes.

Expressions: Expressions are represented by {{}} in the HTML. They are useful for accessing scope models and functions.

Template: HTML with additional markup in the form of directives () and expressions {{}}.

The key to this framework binding the model data to the view unidirectional; that is, syncing from model to view. Angular JS evaluates the expression and replaces it with the calculated value; THIS. the expression is re-evaluated each time any of the data models it depends on changes, THUS updating the DOM.

The UI is separated from business data of the application through a Controller which handles inputs, delegates the tasks to business logic and coordinates with the model and view.

This framework is meant for data driven applications and RESTFUL integrated applications. It drives the UI.



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