Myo Gesture Control Armband

Thalmic Lab’s Myo armband is the future of controlling everything around us. It builds the bridge between the physical and the digital world.

This gesture control armband is able to read the electromagnetic signals from your muscles and it enables you to control a variety of applications via bluetooth 4.0. You can program keystrokes on your computer with the wave of a hand, the clench of a fist, or the spread or tap of your fingers. The armband also features a Myo marketplace, a list  of configured app plugins including Netflix, YouTube, internet browsers, and for presentations Powerpoint, and Prezi. There also is a SDK that can enable developers to build and control any bluetooth connected device with the armband.


The cool thing about this band beyond the wow factor is that you can control your mouse, open your browser, and actually incorporate the bands functionality in your various work processes. As more and more things become connected to the internet the use cases will only begin to grow exponentially. Soon maybe people will be wearing one of these bands on each arm, typing without having to hit keys. Throwing windows across a Prysm wall like something out of Minority Report or Iron Man. Controlling pigeon messenger drones, hailing down an autonomous taxi, controlling the spin on a golf ball. I hope to have this thing so calibrated and under my control that I can wear one under a suit and give demos and presentations that look like something surreal and out of the future.

You can get a Myo Armband for $199 on Amazon.

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