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How to Setup an Antminer S5

This article will explain exactly how to setup your Antminer S5, configure it to your pool, and get it running on your network.


  • “>Antminer S5 1155 GH/s
  • Corsair CX750M and a paperclip
  • A router and ethernet cord

The most important thing to know when setting up an ASIC miner is that you have the right hardware and capacity. The Antminer S5 runs at 590 W so you are going to need a PSU at least 600+. I choose the Corsair CX750M so if I want to overclock it, there should be no problem.


1) Unbox the Antminer S5 and your PSU

2) Do your paperclip trick and connect the four 6 PSI-e power cords from the PSU to the Antminer S5 power inputs.

3) Connect an ethernet cord from your router to the Antminer S5. Make sure the router’s range is between –

4) Connect the power cord and turn on the power switch.


1) Once your PSU and miner are on you are going to need find the IP address it has associated with your miner. This can be done through your router, or using nmap. Once you find this IP address type it in your browser and you will be directed to the Antminer S5’s configuration page.

2) Log in using username: root and password: root

3) Go to the miner configuration page and type in your pools URL, your worker name, and your password.

4) Hit Save & Apply

Your miner should restart and then you should start to see it hashing!

For any further information please see the BitMain Antminer S5 manual

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  2. Good information, thank you. I’m in the process of setting up my new S5 and Corsair CX750. Is it critical and necessary to do the paper clip trick? My PSU doesn’t have multicolored wires. They are all black and I can’t accurately determine PIN 15 (green wire). I don’t want to put a paperclip in the wrong PIN and break something. The youtube videos I’ve watched don’t all do the paperclip trick either.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same case here
      all cables are black
      any one know how to fix this
      no colour cables , how do i make the paperclip stuff


  3. Once thats all done and its saying from IP check that they are mining but not showing anything but error on workers,what do i do as both bitminter will hash but not show on site and slush pool is the same through GUI miner all workers are error.Thanks


  4. I have everything working as described except when I go to the ip address given to me of I get a page that says Unauthorized or page cannot be displayed. Any idea what I am doing wrong?


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