Dreamforce 2014

I attended Dreamforce last week and I was blown away by all of the new technology and the overall buzz that surrounded the conference.

I started off the week by hacking at the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon, my team and I built Cointract in a 48 period. After some sleep on Sunday night, I took the train up to the city and walked to Dreamforce. The first day I got to sit in an Audi R8 using Oculus Rift, checked the price of Bitcoin in Yuan using Google Glass, and probably the coolest thing I got to do was wear an Emotiv EPOC headset and control a object on a screen with my thoughts. It was unreal. The Emotiv headset could read your facial expressions, your emotions, and let you control objects on a screen. Yes. I literally pushed a 3D cube deeper into the screen just by thinking about it.  The first thing they had me do was a baseline neural test for 8 seconds not thinking about anything. Then they took a baseline of me thinking about pushing the object. Then they made the push demo active and told me to think about pushing the object again and it actually moved via my brain waves. It was a pretty remarkable experience. There were a ton of great companies I took note of and had to pleasure of talking.

Tessel, a Javascript programmable microcontroller was very cool. They have over 15 modules that can be added onto the microcontroller with packages all available through npm.

Thalmic Lab’s Myo, a gesture controlled armband that uses electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control digital technologies.

Nymi, a wearable that uses your unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity with all of your digital devices.

APX Labs, creates enterprise software for smart glasses.

One thing I noticed was that it was hard to distinguish the companies that all kind of use the same ABC buzz words. “Analytics” “Big Data” and “Cloud”. Despite the noise, enterprise cloud applications are where the money is at. Increasing business productivity and reducing costs through Salesforce’s platform.

In the developer zone I learned how to build a static web server using Node.js , Express, and Heroku. They also were handing out free workbooks and guides to their newest release Salesforce Lighting. Lightning allows you to build your own components to your applications. In the Developer Keynote, they said Lightning components were analogous to parts of a car. The parts are the components, and the app is your car. You can now customize and build the components and deploy them right to your Salesforce 1 applications.

It was a great week and I definitely am looking forward to next years Dreamforce.


Vegas for the Money 20/20 hackathon and conference.

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