Coined: Semantics, Bitcoin, and Law

Semantics are the human window into the language of thought. The existing financial terms are in place as ideals and generally accepted principles that businesses are supposed to know and abide by in order to provide consumer protection. The proposed BitLicense by the NYDFS is a perfect example of where existing financial terms overlook the capabilities of blockchain technology. The [...]

November 13′ Bitcoin Price Comparison

November 2013. Bitcoin went from 250$-$1000 in a month.

Dreamforce 2014

I attended Dreamforce last week and I was blown away by all of the new technology and the overall buzz that surrounded the conference. I started off the week by hacking at the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon, my team and I built Cointract in a 48 period. After some sleep on Sunday night, I took the train [...]

Zero to One

Today I finished the book Zero to One and I wanted to go over exactly what parts I highlighted and took note of, and what passages I wrote "THIS." in the margin of. Overall I think the book is following the theme of the importance of asking the right questions. The author, Peter Thiel of the [...]


This past weekend I participated in the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon. I arrived at the Metreon on Friday around 4:30, found team members and in 48 hours we built a working mobile app on the Salesforce1 platform. This application was called Cointract. Cointract allows Salesforce users to trade assets through b2b and p2p contracts with no middleman [...]

Bitcoin 2.0: Decentralized Asset Transfer

Bitcoin's Killer Apps -'s Blog -  by Adam Ludwin Some ideas for native bitcoin apps - by Chris Dixon Bitcoin 2.0 relates to the non-currency use cases of the Bitcoin blockchain as a distributed ledger for tracking ownership of various other assets. These have been coined as native applications or use cases that would not be [...]