Salesforce1 and Bitcoin is the leader in customer relationship management (CRM). The Salesforce.com1 platform allows you to make you own applications on the Salesforce platform. These enterprise grade solutions and CRM applications could spark a new wave of business-to-business applications for merchants and retailers that would make Bitcoin a more seamless and secure payment system.

Salesforce1 + Heroku 

The ability to record data and know your customers is intrinsically valuable to any company. These things can be done using the Salesforce1 platform and Heroku.

The biggest concern regarding Bitcoin exchanges and wallet providers from a regulatory standpoint is that they are considered money transmitters and therefore need to abide by the existing federal and state Financial Service Laws of fiat currency.


The underlying technology of Bitcoin enables so much accessible data on transactions to be pulled using Blockchain APIs from companies like Chain.

The Salesforce.com1 platform can push and pull data from the Blockchain APIs used on the web application built on Heroku with Node.js.

Using the CRM software, businesses that operate with a Bitcoin License can generate reports on their customers, their Bitcoin transactions, their tax requirements on capital gains; and pull all of this data from blockchain APIs.

The combination is this:

Enable small and medium size business that want to accept Bitcoin as a payment either online or in-store to use applications built on the Salesforce1 platform to organize transaction data from the Blockchain, know their customer and be able to provide this data in the form of generated reports to those who need it to ensure state and federal regulatory compliance.

The power is in the endless capabilities of Salesforce1 and the real-time data intensive transaction data built on Node.js. There is so much data available from the Blockchain.

Salesforce can scale these Bitcoin Enterprise applications via their appexchange store to companies around the world and in doing so create a Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn’t stifle innovation due to regulatory concerns.

Efficient and effective Bitcoin Transaction Management Software on the Salesforce1 Platfrom for SMEs.


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