21 Million for Billions

The price of Bitcoin has slowly declined over the past few months despite many developments and signs of consumer and merchant adoption. This past summer it dropped from:  $620 to $520 from July 20th - August 20th,  $500 to $420 from August 20th - September 20th, and most recently a drop of $30 US Dollars (13%) on [...]


Installed npm package for: Bitcoin.js + browserfy + uglify Express Redis Jasmine Karma Supertest Chain API nforce Bitcore  

Salesforce1 and Bitcoin

Salesforce.com is the leader in customer relationship management (CRM). The Salesforce.com1 platform allows you to make you own applications on the Salesforce platform. These enterprise grade solutions and CRM applications could spark a new wave of business-to-business applications for merchants and retailers that would make Bitcoin a more seamless and secure payment system. Salesforce1 + Heroku  The [...]