How to Setup an Antminer S1Bitcoin Miner

The Antminer S1 is an ASIC miner that hashes at 180-200 GH/S. It comes with a excellent user interface setup page that is accessible by your web browser. In this tutorial, I will explain how to setup your Antminer S1 with the required hardware, get to the miner’s setup page, and lastly configure the miner to your pool(s).

Required Hardware:


1) Unbox the Antminer S1, it will come in plastic non-static sheet.

2) Connect the two  6 PSI-e power cords from the corsair to the Antminer S1 power inputs. Some green LEDs will come on and the fan will begin.

3) Connect an ethernet cord from your router to the Antminer S1. Make sure the router’s range is between –


1) There should be a white label on the side of your miner with an IP address on it. Once you have powered on the miner and connected it to the router, type in the IP address on the label in your browser. Make sure your computer is connected to the WiFi from your router.

2) You should be directed to the Antminer’s page and you will be directed to log in using Admin: root and Password : root

3) Once you are in the setup interface, there are a few things you need to do.

4) First go to mining configuration page and change the pool settings for your Antminer S1. The Antminer comes with three pools addresses. Type in the URL for your pool, your worker name, and worker password. You can also use Multipool, which will switch between coins to always mine the most profitable coin. This is a lot more useful for Scrypt mining because  the most profitable coin switches a lot more compared to SHA- 256 coins where Bitcoin usually is the most profitable.

5) After your type in your pool’s URL and port, your worker name, and worker password, hit Save and Apply. The miner will make a few sounds and then start hashing. It will take it a little bit to get up to 180 GH/S.

The machines are very efficient and easy to setup Bitcoin Miners. After configured you do not need to run a mining proxy on a separate computer. The miner just needs to be connected to the router via ethernet or wifi, and of course connected to the corsair 500 watt power supply. Given the current difficulty, hashrate, and price of Bitcoin this miner produces roughly .01 BTC / $6.50 per day. This payout will happen over a longer period of time (every two days, every three days) as the difficulty goes up however the price can also go up to compensate for the inevitable loss of contribution in comparison the the network as a whole.  It would be awesome to have a farm or warehouse full of them powered by solar energy. A lot of big scale Bitcoin mining operations use Antminer S1’s to run thousands of gigahashes per second.

If you have any questions on how to setup the Antminer S1, feel free to send them using the form below.

Bitcoin Tip Page


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