Bitcoin Solar Energy

Solar Energy + Bitcoin Mining + Cooling Systems

Photovoltaic Solar Panels and Bitcoin Miners both need one thing to operate at full efficiency: to stay cool.

Why not combine the cooling system for your photovoltaic solar panels and miners in a place with cold air and lots of sunlight? What if you used pv panels to harvest sunlight, use the electricity produced to verify transactions using an ASIC miner, and therefore generate Bitcoins from sunlight?  How could an immersive cooling system for  the panels and the miners make large scale solar energy and bitcoin mining operations profitable?

The capital investments for solar energy and bitcoin are definitely risky ones. Solar energy accounts for less that one percent of the electricity generated in the United States. However 26% of all solar PV capacity in the world was installed in the past 12 months: 38 of 145 GW. Bitcoin has a current market cap of around 5-8 Billion. Why would the combination of these two technologies create any type of disruption?

The answer is that both of these technologies are decentralized and global.

Anyone in the developing world can use solar energy to power their needs. The unbanked in the developing world can use bitcoin to augment their ability to trade and secure assets. These two technologies enable ownership, they provide gateways into e-commerce and the digital world. They are empowering in that these nations can leap into new era of global finance and energy infrastructure.

The Disruptive Potential of Solar Energy

Analysis of Large-Scale Bitcoin Mining Operations

The synergy is between solar energy and Bitcoin.

The more people that use Bitcoin, the more it becomes of value to the user population as a whole. This network effect creates disruption in industries.

The promise of solar energy is that the sun outputs more then enough capacity to fulfill global energy needs. (That is if harnessed effectively).

Both of these systems in time will prove to be the most efficient means of the acquisition of energy and the transfer of ownership.

Solar Mining + Cooling Systems

Current cooling systems for miners use fans. This is true if you using Artic Breeze Fans attached to powered USB hubs, any ASIC such as a Block Erupter Cube with built in fans, or if you have a large scale bitcoin operations that constantly filtrate millions of cubic feet of air per hour.

Data centers such as that used by big internet companies also need to keep cool. This is why they are located in places like Oregon and Sweden, with cold air used to pass through the center. Fiber optic cable running under the Pacific Ocean goes to Oregon and could have something to do with it. 

The investment:

  • efficient solar panels made of gallium arsenide
  • immersive cooling systems.
  • ASIC miners.

The hashrate and difficulty is only going to continue to increase as more volume comes to the bitcoin network. This means that the mining hardware and electrical capacity required is also only going to increase. There needs to be a combination of immersive cooling technologies that makes miners and pv panels operating at high efficiency and profitable.


4 replies on “Solar Energy + Bitcoin Mining + Cooling Systems”

The current financial system is one sick puppy everywhere you look.

The fundamentals are starting to show through all the smokescreens put up by the various central banks. The central banks are losing control and country after country is entering the ‘currency wars’ by devaluing their currencies in order to try and remain competitive and to stimulate growth in their economies.

We are already seeing the first wheels coming off the present system. Sure there will be some ‘rescue plans’ in the months to come but that is just patching over holes and or kicking the can down the road. The big reset is coming and I personally believe it will start to gather momentum during the first half of 2016.

If this is the case I think we will see many moving into bitcoin so yes, 2016 could well be the year for bitcoin.


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