The ability to move value electronically without counter parties and without IOUs and promises is very useful. If people use it, it will have value. If machines use it, it will change everything.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. -Buckminster Fuller

Why are the biggest user markets (international) of internet companies not top revenue sources?

Why do Universities spend on non-teaching lures to attract students who can neither afford the cost of education not find jobs to repay their debt once they’re out in the real world?

  • Inevitable hyperdeflation of education

Digital technologies, which reduce the cost of production and distribution, are transforming flows in three ways: through the creation of purely digital goods and services, “digital wrappers” that enhance the value of physical flows, and digital platforms that facilitate cross-border production and exchange.

  • Software
  • QR Codes
  • Blockchains
  • Glocal Experts

Digital technologies enable even the smallest company or solo entrepreneur to be a “micromultinational”, selling and sourcing products, services, and ideas across borders.

  • Intellectual Property
  • Tutorials

Microfinance platforms enable entrepreneurs and social innovators to raise money globally in ever-smaller amounts.

  • Bitcoin
  • KickStarter

Solar Energy, Telecommunications , and Bitcoin. 

[Checks] have no value because they are infinitely createable. There are 12m bitcoins out there and there will [only ever] be 21m. If there were 21m check in the world and that was all there were, and all transactions went through checks, checks would be very, very valuable.

In this paper, we propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer distributed timestamp server to generate computational proof of the chronological order of transactions.

Is the Internet like mail, telephones, or broadcast TV? Is Bitcoin commodity, currency, property, protocol?

It is a programmable way to transfer scarce resources of any kind.


Solar Energy + Bitcoin Mining + Cooling Systems

Photovoltaic Solar Panels and Bitcoin Miners both need one thing to operate at full efficiency: to stay cool.

Why not combine the cooling system for your photovoltaic solar panels and miners in a place with cold air and lots of sunlight? What if you used pv panels to harvest sunlight, use the electricity produced to verify transactions using an ASIC miner, and therefore generate Bitcoins from sunlight?  How could an immersive cooling system for  the panels and the miners make large scale solar energy and bitcoin mining operations profitable?

The capital investments for solar energy and bitcoin are definitely risky ones. Solar energy accounts for less that one percent of the electricity generated in the United States. However 26% of all solar PV capacity in the world was installed in the past 12 months: 38 of 145 GW. Bitcoin has a current market cap of around 5-8 Billion. Why would the combination of these two technologies create any type of disruption?

The answer is that both of these technologies are decentralized and global.

Anyone in the developing world can use solar energy to power their needs. The unbanked in the developing world can use bitcoin to augment their ability to trade and secure assets. These two technologies enable ownership, they provide gateways into e-commerce and the digital world. They are empowering in that these nations can leap into new era of global finance and energy infrastructure.

The Disruptive Potential of Solar Energy

Analysis of Large-Scale Bitcoin Mining Operations

The synergy is between solar energy and Bitcoin.

The more people that use Bitcoin, the more it becomes of value to the user population as a whole. This network effect creates disruption in industries.

The promise of solar energy is that the sun outputs more then enough capacity to fulfill global energy needs. (That is if harnessed effectively).

Both of these systems in time will prove to be the most efficient means of the acquisition of energy and the transfer of ownership.

Solar Mining + Cooling Systems

Current cooling systems for miners use fans. This is true if you using Artic Breeze Fans attached to powered USB hubs, any ASIC such as a Block Erupter Cube with built in fans, or if you have a large scale bitcoin operations that constantly filtrate millions of cubic feet of air per hour.

Data centers such as that used by big internet companies also need to keep cool. This is why they are located in places like Oregon and Sweden, with cold air used to pass through the center. Fiber optic cable running under the Pacific Ocean goes to Oregon and could have something to do with it. 

The investment:

  • efficient solar panels made of gallium arsenide
  • immersive cooling systems.
  • ASIC miners.

The hashrate and difficulty is only going to continue to increase as more volume comes to the bitcoin network. This means that the mining hardware and electrical capacity required is also only going to increase. There needs to be a combination of immersive cooling technologies that makes miners and pv panels operating at high efficiency and profitable.


Digital Drive

This is all just pulp tech talk.

Next post is on Large Scale Solar Bitcoin Mining and Cooling Systems

Does technology create disruption or revolution?

Creative destruction is brought about through the aggregation of specialized knowledge in unison. A creative combination of:

  • People
  • Money
  • Technology

Sharing similar interest and vision in:

  • Social Entrepreneurship- problem tackler
  • Known markets- product and pivot
  • Business harvester- capital, consultancy

How to become a founder in something, be the expert on it.
Be the best. Gain as much specialized knowledge about that.
Use digital channels to scale the bounty, leverage the internet. leverage screen space.

The power is now in the software. In its ability to deliver content in agreement with a multitude of operating systems and browsers.

The algorithm.

Software at the core of any company, protocol, or process is intrinsically powerful – and has the ability to augment or substitute traditional practice.

Software facilitates simple, elegant, frictionless decentralized innovation that can spread at zero cost.

The open source sourceforge, GitHub, provide open source software sharing.
Firebase collaboration. Open.

“The entry on a ledger of a bitcoin is a fundamental unit whose value can be moved electronically through the security protocol.”

A digital signature that is time stamped, shared, and verified by a network of computers.

A “Coin” is the first namespace that utilizes this mechanism.

A monetary unit under this technology, a digital coin, is as primitive as a lightbulb to the electric grid.

There are far more advanced and diverse systems that are coupled with the electric grid.

This statement is analogous to that of there will be far more applications built on top of the blockchain and side chain protocols, and in addition to advancements of the protocol at its core in itself.

Many other applications of asset transfer and proof of ownership can and will be implemented with the digital signature, time stamped, public ledger(s).

Real time auction in digital space for analog space.

Use this as the “forum” and network of tasks.

APIs with Venmo.

Application programming interface.

Get more currency when make trades or use. “credits” for joining.


cryptocurrency mining code inside applications that occur when the device is using the client.

VR MOOCS will be awesome. presence
VR teleportation

start counting with letters and spelling with numbers.

Learn to code. Codecademy and that China one

Going back to codecademy and completing the section on python.

digital ownership. solar bitcoin mining farms. solarminer.com

not so much one together…
A coupled cooling system that works on the panels and the miners.
The miners need Internet connection, a power supply, and a cooling system. reread internet.orgs piece on facebook server centers.

Residual returns on transaction fee that are verified by your miner.

Ie business has own miner to process all of its global bitcoin transactions.

Instead of paying a fee for using someone else’s miner.

people are working on the core of the bitcoin protocol on github on bitcore.com

consultants. in bitcoin.

More implementation Facilitators of blockchain tech , distributed systems.

third party javascript implementations for digital owenership applications.

not just currency. share economies. private keys for access to hospitality (airbnb)  transportation (uber).

Wifi connection keys

Ts1 connected until ts2

micropayments will displace ad rev. most likely. pay wall is good for the publisher and the customer. seamless micropayment. painless too.

new monetization models for the internet by using a electronic payment system, distributed ledgers.

VR presence + MOOCS + software engineering

Raspberry Pi +

enabling tech for smart cities. wireless. Bluetooth. Ble4 vs RFID

real time auction in digital for analog assets. parking spots, seats, bikes, taxi service.

micropayments for metro transportation systems. simple.

use prices set a marketplace. seamless payment verification.

AMAZON servers. Google servers. APACHE casandra. datastax

antispam microcharge with email.

Bitcoin is programmable currency in that you can setup a computer program that sets a monetary system in motion. an exchange system that is not limited by geography. remittances.

transmit money, any digital asset over a network effect distributed system. miners.

the barrier to entry in bitcoin, this ecosystem is coding.

its a public ledger you can develop, fundamentally build  a number of processes that reinvent ownership. It will reshape and replace.

the timestamp is key. it prevents double-spending problem without the need for a third party.

separation of identity from transaction, yet transaction is public to everyone.

if you can show that you have ties to capital and can facilitate an exit it will draw entrepreneurs to you. hunted. international capital. That is intrinsically valuable.

high energy demands of a bitcoin network will be met by solar energy. the cooling system that keeps that panels cool will keep the miners cool.

security will be achieved by pivots in the core protocol or by alts that supplant.

right now mining is just the support of the block chain and in turn one is rewarded by generating scarce assets from the capital investment that supports the network.

intelligence energy integrity.

purchase and sale without a trusted party such as visa or Western Union.

cuban- ” it doesn’t have to be billion dollar exits. Million. Tens of Millions. Small IPOS. If you can help enough companies get to capital that takes them to the big leagues or gives them an exit, it will be like financial gravity. it will pull entrepreneurs to you.

so if you want to build the next silicon valley in barcelona, don’t promote the startups you have in your city or state. Many of them are going to go out of business before the ads hit or the conferences happen. Brag about the exits and how there is capital waiting for amazing entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

the currency called bitcoin is the lightbulb; the technology of bitcoin is the grid. its a faster, more global payment system.

its the internet in 1994.

recursive bitcoin mining to pay for the wifi to operate the miner.

reward. reward. reward.

value in speed, dectralization, low cost, in a growing globally connected world.

sequential vs parallel processing

computer vs human

novamente, lisp,

strong views, weakly held.



as it takes more computing power to produce a block of bitcoins the exchange value will increase.

Those who speak do not know, those who know do not speak.

Small and medium size tech enterprise need software engineers, UX designers, project managers. Not just software engineers, THE BEST software engineers.

not matter what field you are in, be THE BEST.

python, android, iOS.

Raspberry Pis, computer hardware.

build something creative something cool.

mergers & acquisitions

business to business application marketplaces

Bitcoin is not only just the beginning, its the end to many practices. Every single industry will be disrupted. M2M value processing will become seamless. Automation, delegation, optimization in the Urban Operating System.

Bitcoin and Venom analogy. A blockchain. A publicly verifiable ledger of agreements without the need for a third party. A sent X to B.

The intrinsic value is in the use of applications built on top of the technology.

anything that is currently done with a third party involved as a service will be displaced by a decentralized block chain.

A digital handshake seen by the internet

not just one-person to another person, one person to many.

not just one machine to another, one machine to many.

not just one-person to another person, one person to a company.

one company to many persons.

What I know, at this point, is there is a gap.

A distributed marketplace, the peer economy. a medium of transfer value that doesn’t exploit. EX books after a semester.

Now an exhortation.

Path from network marketing to international business to technology can also be reversed as in technology, to international business to network marketing.

Entrepreneurship before starting a venture.

building a website before formally learning to code.

learning to code before building an app.

bitcoin before mining for bitcoin.

knowledge + action = power.

drive, skill, desire, freedom.

energy, effort, execution.

living vs sharing


sharing vs living

execute with effort and energy

freedom comes from a desire for skill and drive

power comes from action with that knowledge you have acquired.

genuine love for what you do.

find a medium that expresses it. growth.

film. word. capture. expression.

find the tool set, the medium, that empowers you to build upon your creative impulse.

travel. learn different languages. meet different people.

live the dream.