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Automated Trading between Bitcoin and Altcoin Exchanges

This is the sequence to automatically trade your mined Bitcoins by transferring them to a deposit wallet then trading them for a variety of different altcoins.

I. Setup an verified account on Enable Instant Buy. You will be able to buy $1,000 instantly and $50,000 daily.

II. Mine Bitcoin in a pool and set a low payout threshold like .01 BTC. Set up your payout wallet to your Coinbase bitcoin address. If you are running a Block Erupter Cube (30-38GH/s) you will hit .01 almost every other day.

III. Setup a Recurring send transaction from your Coinbase address to your Cryptsy or Vault of Satoshi BTC Deposit address
or Kraken

IV.Setup a recurring buy and sell to the altcoins of your choice from your Bitcoin Deposit address.

V. Hold on your altcoins, put them in a secure or offline wallet and enjoy the ride.


5 replies on “Automated Trading between Bitcoin and Altcoin Exchanges”

I think it boils down to transactions sizes… If you shift say $ 1 000 000 …. it would be better to wait for at least 6 to 7 confirmations as a merchant. The risk

is just that much lower, if you wait it out. It would be ridiculous to wait 6 to 7 confirmations for say $1 purchase. If you compare this with other payment

methods out there, 10 minutes will not be an issue for bigger amounts. If you want zero confirmations, use off-chain payment services.


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