Where you can spend your Bitcoins

Over the past few months, many small and medium sized business around the world have started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Now we are seeing major enterprise companies starting to accept Bitcoin using B2B payment integration companies such as Bitpay and Coinbase . Both of these companies have reported that over 30,000 merchants have created accounts. Overall, the number of places you can spend Bitcoins is growing tremendously across a variety of consumer sectors. In the next few months, we will see major companies accept Bitcoin in travel & hospitality, finance, e-commerce, gaming, gambling, entertainment, and non-profits.

This will drive:

  • The Bitcoin Price which increases
  • User Adoption which increases
  • Merchant Adoption which increases
  • Daily Transactions which increases
  • Transaction Volumes which increases
  • Mining Revenue which increases
  • Number of Miners which increases
  • The Hashrate which increases
  • The Difficulty which decreases*
  • Mining Revenue over time which increases
  • Mining Power Demand which increases
  • Investments in Mining Equipment which decreases*
  • The Price of Mining Equipment which increases
  • The number of miners which increases
  • The  global network effect which increases
  • The Bitcoin Price

*Despite a decrease in the price of a Bitcoin Miner/ Mining Revenue because the difficulty is  exponentially increasing therefore the contribution from the miner becomes less and less in comparison to the the hashrate of the network as a whole, Mining Revenue/Miner Prices can  and do in fact increase when there is a significant jump in Bitcoin Price. This is true whether you are buying USB Block Erupters, A Block Erupter Cube, or Terra Hash Miners. 

Here is a list of the “big” companies that accept Bitcoin Payments.

  •– Reporting that has done over 1.6 M in sales this year.
  •–  Travel the world with Bitcoin, ah thankyou.
  • Zynga.comSome in game purchases
  •  Gift cards to over 100+ different companies. I have used Gyft to buy Cards, and also bought Mother’s Day Flowers with Bitcoin using  1-800 gift card
  • Dish Network Largest company to accept Bitcoin payments
  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Expedia


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