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Salesforce App Development

I am just about done finishing my first application on the Salesforce App development platform. The course I took on Udacity gave a great overall tutorial on how to develop objects, fields, and records in a distributable application. My initial thoughts were the DOM (Direct Object Model). The parent-sibling class relation system used is Salesforce to automate functions between objects. The other first impression was the relation to excel vlookup, pivot tables, charts, graphs, and memorizing click paths. There also is a touch of UX to optimize the layout of forms and make the content as applicable as possible. Business to Business applications on Salesforce can be highly scalable. You don’t really feel like you are building an app at first. You are laying down the foundation for one. After downloading the Salesforce1 app to my surprise I had a fully mobile and functioning app. There also is not a ton of coding involved, but it definitely helps to know how to express rules mathematically.

Python + embedded scripts is next.

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