Raspberry Pi Solar Mobile Mining Rig Backpack

Raspberry Pi Solar Mobile Mining Rig

Bitcoin is open source and globally accessible. It gives people the ability to send remittances. Operate e-commerce. Manage offshore deposit. It brings international banking to the 5 billion users of mobile phones. Microloans in crowdfunding and micropayments in paywalls. The system is still very underdeveloped. Bitcoin or digital currency will become a platform for transport of stock, bonds, derivatives. Peer-2-peer real estate such as Airbnb and peer-2-peer transportation such as uber will all accept and rather prefer bitcoin. It is a new paradigm for finance. I am awarding bitcoin miners free wifi at aggregated hotspots.

Steps in the right direction:


Zerocoin- real anoynimity.


All Increase of these companies increase adoption. Higher adoption, more usage, higher value. Game changing value.

SMEs will offer discount for payments in bitcoin.

And now the real value. Traveling the world by financing my travel while traveling. How? With a solar backpack powering a raspberry pi mining rig. In this sense, the future of this technology makes location completely unimportant. Reverse diaspora.

Bluetooth 4.0 = internet of things, gms chips will be everything, and people better realize you can 3d print car keys.

Energy in a three prong moving machine with led lights for solar lighting. Resonances creates friction, heat, energy. Methane+Oxygen, Ionic Wind a lot of synergies for creating sustainable energy.

Now it is all about low activity, high return. Solving big enterprise problems. b2b > b2c. Just about always.  Find the problem, then the market, then build the product. Solve, vertically. A has my product “x”. B, C, fyi If you don’t buy my product “x”, you will be left behind. codecademy to start, then move into bootstrap. BLE+foursquare+QR+Digital Currency= disruption.

Its about numbers. every move. every number.

Solar backpack will consist of

a raspberry pi

asic miners

solar powered backpack

powered usb hub

wifi adapter

The rig will be completely off the grid and basically a traveling residual generator for contributing to the bitcoin network. Not too costly to build either. Will be prototyping for the next month. It should work and when it does, despite all criticism on the ROI of mining, it will definitely by worth it.

Donations appreciated: 1FiYresjQP7GV9EUxr9fudWm3Xz7WC2VMC

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