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Kali Linux + Wireless Security

Raspberry Pi Impact on Hacking + Kali Linux OS

The Raspberry Pi is a 35 dollar ARM computer that uses Linux Operating System, the Model B 512 MB RAM with 2 USB ports, video out, and HDMI OS onto a SD card Up to 64 G of memory; in theory behind a cheap, inexpensive computer, “burner computer” cheap, disposable, anonymity. It is small size allows it to be easily hidden attack from within rather than forcing your way through a network. With a Raspberry Pi you can:

  • Sniff networks for information and passwords
  • See all internal network traffic
  • Try to shut down the network from within

This computer is a small inexpensive device can be used as a cheap cluster for computing power. Useful in some context, mining, computing. It gives you the ability to gain a large amount of power at low cost. What you can do:

  • Route all the traffic through the Pi
  • MITM attacks
  • All traffic routed through the rasp pi
  • Packet sniff inside a network
  • VLAN Hopping
  • VoIP sniffing
  • VoIP recording and play them back at a later point in time

Man in the Middle Attacks

  • Ability is built into Ettercap
  • DHCP spoofing
  • Arp Poisoning

All traffic is going to be routed through your raspberry pi then you can modify traffic as it runs through your raspberry pi. You can change the traffic, see the original and when it sends it back out it will still form a valid packet but you can still change what it means.

DDos attacks

definitely can affect bitcoin sprices because people cannot gain access to their wallets and therefore sentiment is fearful, sell, price drops, people initiated buy.
crash services and those that flood services.

VLAN Hopping

You can check to see if there are other parts of the network, and listen on their traffic too.

VoiP Hopper listens for any traffic that signifies other VoIP devices

Use a SIP crack, crack passwords of VVoIP device, works similar to aircrack.

VoIP attacks

VoIPong allows user to sniff calls on any network, will record and output to .wav file for listening later

Hardwire Access + Surge protector + Raspberry Pi = Network Observation Device

Run the cord into the Pi. Use if for the manufacturer’s intended purpose, Surge Protector Pi

For a small cost, you can set your Pi up inside a surge protector, constant source of power, inconspicuous, hardwired Ethernet connectivity.

How to defend against this threat:

  • Physical security
  • Monitor network traffic
  • Specifically search for traces of network sniffers
  • Like in a wireshark log

How to defend against the defenders:

  • Spoof MAC address, and change it periodically if you are within a network
  • Hide the device well,
  • Don’t be afraid to lost the device

Obtain a Raspberry Pi, your toolkit on Kali Linux. All on command line.

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