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Programmable Currency

Third Party software applications that drive global user adoption are essential to the future of bitcoin.

Applications that remove friction in financial transactions at the enterprise level is where the true intrinsic value in bitcoin is. Bitcoin is often looked at as an anonymous, volatile, investment vehicle for speculators when in fact it is THE first of its kind programmable currency.

It is open source, Peer-2-Peer, it is global.

It is truly remarkable when you think about the scalability and its potential to disrupt financial technology across a number of verticals.

It provides people with a security from bail in’s as seen by Cyprus and Poland. It provides people with an reduced barrier to exit from financial restrictions and gives them the freedom to opt-out and reinvest in a protocol backed by mathematics.

With bitcoin location is completely irrelevant, that is the real definition of mobile.

Bitcoin is intellectually property for those who understand it. If you can memorize your wallet address it’s now an irrevocable asset.

Bitcoin is not about speculation. It is about the promise of technology and the effect it will have on those who wish to embrace and build. Bitcoin is the forefront of the new tools in the digital world and how they drastically can change the analog world.

Bitcoin will do to banking, what email did to the postal industry and what Netflix did to Blockbuster.

Everything in code going opensource. Git, Firebase.

Everything is management is going to be automated.

Higher Education can now be accessed via IP with Khan Academy, Udacity, Coursera.

Society adopts technology that creates situations of low activity and high return.

Search and solve big enterprise problems and build the solutions in the context of a digital future.

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