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How to setup a Bitcoin Miner

Raspberry Pi + Raspian on SD Card + WiFi + cgminer + powered hubs + ASIC Miners + (SOLAR ENERGY)

First things first you are going to need to buy the essentials to make a raspberry pi computer. This is a ARM computer board that operates on Linux. The following is hardware you will need to Mine Bitcoins.

Raspberry Pi

Targus USB Port  * USB 3.0 Hubs are not compatible with the Raspberry Pi

SD Card + Raspian OS

Wireless Keyboard + Mouse

ASIC Miners

WiFi Nano Adapter

Bluetooth Adapter

Setting up your Raspberry Pi is not to difficult. First you need to download Raspbian the OS of Rasp Pi to your SD Card. This can be done using win32diskimager. Insert the SD card into your PC and write the image to the SD card.

Next plug in your keyboard and mouse(wireless), your SD card with the OS downloaded to it, your HDMI cord from the raspberry pi to your TV, and finally plug in the micro USB powercord.

You will then need to set up your Edimax EW-7811Un WiFi by using the instructions here.

After your WiFi is set up you are ready to set up your miner.

Plug in your USB powered hub into the Rasp Pi and the wall.

You know will need to do a few things: Download cgminer, buy ASIC Block Erupters, and join a mining pool.

As for the mining pool I recommend Slush’s pool.

You just have to setup an account by email.

Next, download the latest version of cgminer.

After you have downloaded cgminer and configured it to your mining pool, plug in your Block Erupters into your powered USB hub. You should see the idle green led lights go off which means they are now mining bitcoins.

I want to make my mining rig solar powered.

I want to make:

a dollar in a week.

100 dollars in a month.

1000 dollars in 100 days.

For more information contact me


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