Bitcoin Hits 1,000$

On the morning of November 27th Bitcoin hit 1,000$ on Mt. Gox.

It has been an exciting month for the digital currency and it finally got that comma it has been waiting for.

Mt. Gox Coinbase BTC China Bitstamp Coinfloor btc-E Date Time
250 251 249 244 NA 5-Nov 13:00
264 268 266 260 NA 6-Nov 12:14
295 300 290 290 NA 7-Nov 3:42
367 352 383 348 NA 12-Nov 13:00
426 401 414 391 NA 13-Nov 12:07
428 414 431 411 NA 14-Nov 2:03
502 478 488 465 NA 17-Nov
640 605 718 560 NA 18-Nov 9:25 AM
699 608 929 NA NA 19-Nov 9:37 AM
721 701 790 698 NA 21-Nov 12:55 PM
874 852 948 847 NA 23-Nov 1:36 AM
801 809 861 809 NA 24-Nov 4:09 PM
801 798 840 795 NA 25-Nov 1:22 PM
935 882 875 880 NA 26-Nov 1:22 PM
1000 951 961 947 NA 27-Nov 7:53 AM
1,138 1,002 1,091 1,000 NA 28-Nov 12:33 PM
1,130 1,059 1,078 1,056 NA 995 3-Dec 10:28
1,225 1,140 1,153 1,135 NA 1,073 4-Dec 4:30 PM

Raspberry Pi Solar Mobile Mining Rig Backpack

Raspberry Pi Solar Mobile Mining Rig

Bitcoin is open source and globally accessible. It gives people the ability to send remittances. Operate e-commerce. Manage offshore deposit. It brings international banking to the 5 billion users of mobile phones. Microloans in crowdfunding and micropayments in paywalls. The system is still very underdeveloped. Bitcoin or digital currency will become a platform for transport of stock, bonds, derivatives. Peer-2-peer real estate such as Airbnb and peer-2-peer transportation such as uber will all accept and rather prefer bitcoin. It is a new paradigm for finance. I am awarding bitcoin miners free wifi at aggregated hotspots.

Steps in the right direction:


Zerocoin- real anoynimity.


All Increase of these companies increase adoption. Higher adoption, more usage, higher value. Game changing value.

SMEs will offer discount for payments in bitcoin.

And now the real value. Traveling the world by financing my travel while traveling. How? With a solar backpack powering a raspberry pi mining rig. In this sense, the future of this technology makes location completely unimportant. Reverse diaspora.

Bluetooth 4.0 = internet of things, gms chips will be everything, and people better realize you can 3d print car keys.

Energy in a three prong moving machine with led lights for solar lighting. Resonances creates friction, heat, energy. Methane+Oxygen, Ionic Wind a lot of synergies for creating sustainable energy.

Now it is all about low activity, high return. Solving big enterprise problems. b2b > b2c. Just about always.  Find the problem, then the market, then build the product. Solve, vertically. A has my product “x”. B, C, fyi If you don’t buy my product “x”, you will be left behind. codecademy to start, then move into bootstrap. BLE+foursquare+QR+Digital Currency= disruption.

Its about numbers. every move. every number.

Solar backpack will consist of

a raspberry pi

asic miners

solar powered backpack

powered usb hub

wifi adapter

The rig will be completely off the grid and basically a traveling residual generator for contributing to the bitcoin network. Not too costly to build either. Will be prototyping for the next month. It should work and when it does, despite all criticism on the ROI of mining, it will definitely by worth it.

Donations appreciated: 1FiYresjQP7GV9EUxr9fudWm3Xz7WC2VMC

Kali Linux + Wireless Security

Raspberry Pi Impact on Hacking + Kali Linux OS

The Raspberry Pi is a 35 dollar ARM computer that uses Linux Operating System, the Model B 512 MB RAM with 2 USB ports, video out, and HDMI OS onto a SD card Up to 64 G of memory; in theory behind a cheap, inexpensive computer, “burner computer” cheap, disposable, anonymity. It is small size allows it to be easily hidden attack from within rather than forcing your way through a network. With a Raspberry Pi you can:

  • Sniff networks for information and passwords
  • See all internal network traffic
  • Try to shut down the network from within

This computer is a small inexpensive device can be used as a cheap cluster for computing power. Useful in some context, mining, computing. It gives you the ability to gain a large amount of power at low cost. What you can do:

  • Route all the traffic through the Pi
  • MITM attacks
  • All traffic routed through the rasp pi
  • Packet sniff inside a network
  • VLAN Hopping
  • VoIP sniffing
  • VoIP recording and play them back at a later point in time

Man in the Middle Attacks

  • Ability is built into Ettercap
  • DHCP spoofing
  • Arp Poisoning

All traffic is going to be routed through your raspberry pi then you can modify traffic as it runs through your raspberry pi. You can change the traffic, see the original and when it sends it back out it will still form a valid packet but you can still change what it means.

DDos attacks

definitely can affect bitcoin sprices because people cannot gain access to their wallets and therefore sentiment is fearful, sell, price drops, people initiated buy.
crash services and those that flood services.

VLAN Hopping

You can check to see if there are other parts of the network, and listen on their traffic too.

VoiP Hopper listens for any traffic that signifies other VoIP devices

Use a SIP crack, crack passwords of VVoIP device, works similar to aircrack.

VoIP attacks

VoIPong allows user to sniff calls on any network, will record and output to .wav file for listening later

Hardwire Access + Surge protector + Raspberry Pi = Network Observation Device

Run the cord into the Pi. Use if for the manufacturer’s intended purpose, Surge Protector Pi

For a small cost, you can set your Pi up inside a surge protector, constant source of power, inconspicuous, hardwired Ethernet connectivity.

How to defend against this threat:

  • Physical security
  • Monitor network traffic
  • Specifically search for traces of network sniffers
  • Like in a wireshark log

How to defend against the defenders:

  • Spoof MAC address, and change it periodically if you are within a network
  • Hide the device well,
  • Don’t be afraid to lost the device

Obtain a Raspberry Pi, your toolkit on Kali Linux. All on command line.

Bitcoin Exchange Price Comparison

Bitcoin Exchange Price Comparison in US Dollars

Mt. Gox Coinbase BTC China Bitstamp Coinfloor Date Time
250 251 249 244 NA 5-Nov 13:00
264 268 266 260 NA 6-Nov 12:14
295 300 290 290 NA 7-Nov 3:42
367 352 383 348 NA 12-Nov 13:00
426 401 414 391 NA 13-Nov 12:07
428 414 431 411 NA 14-Nov 2:03
502 478 488 465 NA 17-Nov
640 605 718 560 NA 18-Nov 9:25 AM
699 608 929   NA NA 19-Nov 9:37 AM

Programmable Currency

Third Party software applications that drive global user adoption are essential to the future of bitcoin.

Applications that remove friction in financial transactions at the enterprise level is where the true intrinsic value in bitcoin is. Bitcoin is often looked at as an anonymous, volatile, investment vehicle for speculators when in fact it is THE first of its kind programmable currency.

It is open source, Peer-2-Peer, it is global.

It is truly remarkable when you think about the scalability and its potential to disrupt financial technology across a number of verticals.

It provides people with a security from bail in’s as seen by Cyprus and Poland. It provides people with an reduced barrier to exit from financial restrictions and gives them the freedom to opt-out and reinvest in a protocol backed by mathematics.

With bitcoin location is completely irrelevant, that is the real definition of mobile.

Bitcoin is intellectually property for those who understand it. If you can memorize your wallet address it’s now an irrevocable asset.

Bitcoin is not about speculation. It is about the promise of technology and the effect it will have on those who wish to embrace and build. Bitcoin is the forefront of the new tools in the digital world and how they drastically can change the analog world.

Bitcoin will do to banking, what email did to the postal industry and what Netflix did to Blockbuster.

Everything in code going opensource. Git, Firebase.

Everything is management is going to be automated.

Higher Education can now be accessed via IP with Khan Academy, Udacity, Coursera.

Society adopts technology that creates situations of low activity and high return.

Search and solve big enterprise problems and build the solutions in the context of a digital future.

For more information contact me


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Bitcoin Hits 400 USD, Correction 500… 600 really?

Over the last two weeks there has been an incredible surge in the price of bitcoin. The higher the price of bitcoin goes, the higher the price of the miners go. There has been a 300% increase in the price of ASIC USB Miners in the last week. Just started mining, the higher the price of BTC the more I get paid out on mining shares.

Bitcoin Price Comparison in US Dollars

Mt. Gox Coinbase BTC China Bitstamp Coinfloor Date Time
250 251 249 244 NA 5-Nov 13:00
264 268 266 260 NA 6-Nov 12:14
295 300 290 290 NA 7-Nov 3:42
367 352 383 348 NA 12-Nov 13:00
426 401 414 391 NA 13-Nov 12:07
428 414 431 411 NA 14-Nov 2:03
502 478 488 465 NA 17-Nov
640 605 718 560 NA 18-Nov 9:25 AM

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How to setup a Bitcoin Miner

Raspberry Pi + Raspian on SD Card + WiFi + cgminer + powered hubs + ASIC Miners + (SOLAR ENERGY)

First things first you are going to need to buy the essentials to make a raspberry pi computer. This is a ARM computer board that operates on Linux. The following is hardware you will need to Mine Bitcoins.

Raspberry Pi

Targus USB Port  * USB 3.0 Hubs are not compatible with the Raspberry Pi

SD Card + Raspian OS

Wireless Keyboard + Mouse

ASIC Miners

WiFi Nano Adapter

Bluetooth Adapter

Setting up your Raspberry Pi is not to difficult. First you need to download Raspbian the OS of Rasp Pi to your SD Card. This can be done using win32diskimager. Insert the SD card into your PC and write the image to the SD card.

Next plug in your keyboard and mouse(wireless), your SD card with the OS downloaded to it, your HDMI cord from the raspberry pi to your TV, and finally plug in the micro USB powercord.

You will then need to set up your Edimax EW-7811Un WiFi by using the instructions here.

After your WiFi is set up you are ready to set up your miner.

Plug in your USB powered hub into the Rasp Pi and the wall.

You know will need to do a few things: Download cgminer, buy ASIC Block Erupters, and join a mining pool.

As for the mining pool I recommend Slush’s pool.

You just have to setup an account by email.

Next, download the latest version of cgminer.

After you have downloaded cgminer and configured it to your mining pool, plug in your Block Erupters into your powered USB hub. You should see the idle green led lights go off which means they are now mining bitcoins.

I want to make my mining rig solar powered.

I want to make:

a dollar in a week.

100 dollars in a month.

1000 dollars in 100 days.

For more information contact me


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Install Edimax EW-7811Un on Raspberry Pi

It took me while to figure this out but it is very rewarding once you finally get it to work.

This configuration is for WPA2-PSK.

You can have a WiPI after these7 Easy Steps.

Open up the command line LX Terminal on the Raspbian GUI.

1. First things first make sure your Raspberry Pi recognizes the device in the USB hub.


You should see Bus / Device Edimax Technologies Co. Ltd EW- 7811Un


Check to see if you have the right kernals


Look for 8192cu

3. Set up your Network Interface

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Mine is EXACTLY as follows.

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
allow-hotplug wlan0
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet manual
wpa-roam /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
iface default inet dhcp

hit ctrl-x, y to save, then enter

4. Set up WPA Supplicant

sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev
ssid="_YOUR SSID_"
pairwise= CCMP TKIP
group= CCMP TKIP

hit ctrl-x, hit y to save, then enter

5. Your network is now configured.

To see if it is working type


You should see wlan0 with your SSID AP and Bit Rate

6. Reboot the Rasp Pi

sudo shutdown -r now
ifconfig wlan0

should have your IP adresss and packets hot!

Let me know if this was helpful/ you have questions

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining

There are a few factors that affect the ability for one to mine bitcoins. It can seem like a rather confusing concept. It is. Here is the computer scientist version on how to “Selfish-Mine” Bitcoin.

This is my general explanation on how to mine Bitcoin.

It comes down to a few things: computer hardware required, electricity and mining pools.

To start off here are a few terms to know:

Bitcoin Algorithm: a math problem that when solved (mined) release a bitcoin block.

Bitcoin Block: What miners are trying to uncover. One block is worth 25 BTC, and one Bitcoin is worth about $230

Blockchain: public ledger that records each bitcoin transactions between bitcoin clients.

Hash Rate: the rate at which your computing power outputs to solve the math problem, uncover a bitcoin block.

Pool: a team of people working on the same math problem.

Number One: Need capital to invest in mining hardware.

The cost of computer hardware is your initial investment when you want to start mining bitcoin.

The hardware price to mine a bitcoin is proportional to how much computing power and therefore hash rate you want to achieve.

More computing power = more hash rate

more hash rate = more bitcoins mined/time

more bitcoins mined = more money split in the pool

Mining Hardware

3 ASIC BlockErupters miners at 336m/hashes each off of Amazon. Price is 7.95 USD a block erupter so 24$ investment for ~1 G hash.

1 G hash will make you about 0.25 cents a day( if you are in a pool).

This would be a rather small investment, it would take a while to mine a block, and you probably wouldn’t be making to much money.

If you want to make a larger investment in hardware you could either:

A. Buy a ton of these ASIC miners for example 172 ASICS miners at 336m/hash = around 57G/hs for around 2,500 USD

Which will make you about 15 dollars USD a day.

B. Buy one pretty expensive supercomputer miner like CoinTerra, Butterfly Labs, for a very expensive hardware investment and get 1 T/hs and make about 260 USD a day.

C. Buy a RedFury USB miner for 100 USD that gives 2.6GH per block erupter.

NUMBER 2: Need electricity to operate the stacks of hardware and keep them cool.

A big issue with bitcoin mining is Return on Investment. The major issue with the ROI of bitcoin mining is not only in the hardware itself, it is because you have to keep these computers running at all times and this leads to increases in energy bills. With margin profits small to begin with, often the increase in electricity cost often offsets any profit that one may get while mining bitcoins.

You could set the rig in a state here you can get the best rate of USD/kWh. This could make a small difference. So instead of setting up your rig in california at 15 cents per kWh you can set up your rig in another state where it more around 10 cents. Or you can set up a rig internationally somewhere like Indonesia where electricity only costs three cents per kilowatt hour. Another way to reduce costs is by installing PV or solar thermal systems that can provide some of the energy. However this does require an additional investment.

Maximize your Mining Team/Pool.

Publish your uncovered blocks to the bitcoin ledger.

I will go into details on about mining pools in a later post.

Mine Using a Raspberry Pi.

Understand that you will benefit financially in proportional to how much you want to invest in computing power.