Bitcoin Hits 1,000$

On the morning of November 27th Bitcoin hit 1,000$ on Mt. Gox. It has been an exciting month for the digital currency and it finally got that comma it has been waiting for. Mt. Gox Coinbase BTC China Bitstamp Coinfloor btc-E Date Time 250 251 249 244 NA 5-Nov 13:00 264 268 266 260 NA [...]

Raspberry Pi Solar Mobile Mining Rig Backpack

Raspberry Pi Solar Mobile Mining Rig Bitcoin is open source and globally accessible. It gives people the ability to send remittances. Operate e-commerce. Manage offshore deposit. It brings international banking to the 5 billion users of mobile phones. Microloans in crowdfunding and micropayments in paywalls. The system is still very underdeveloped. Bitcoin or digital currency [...]

Kali Linux + Wireless Security

Raspberry Pi Impact on Hacking + Kali Linux OS The Raspberry Pi is a 35 dollar ARM computer that uses Linux Operating System, the Model B 512 MB RAM with 2 USB ports, video out, and HDMI OS onto a SD card Up to 64 G of memory; in theory behind a cheap, inexpensive computer, [...]

Bitcoin Exchange Price Comparison

Bitcoin Exchange Price Comparison in US Dollars Mt. Gox Coinbase BTC China Bitstamp Coinfloor Date Time 250 251 249 244 NA 5-Nov 13:00 264 268 266 260 NA 6-Nov 12:14 295 300 290 290 NA 7-Nov 3:42 367 352 383 348 NA 12-Nov 13:00 426 401 414 391 NA 13-Nov 12:07 428 414 431 411 [...]

Programmable Currency

Third Party software applications that drive global user adoption are essential to the future of bitcoin. Applications that remove friction in financial transactions at the enterprise level is where the true intrinsic value in bitcoin is. Bitcoin is often looked at as an anonymous, volatile, investment vehicle for speculators when in fact it is THE [...]

Bitcoin Hits 400 USD, Correction 500… 600 really?

Over the last two weeks there has been an incredible surge in the price of bitcoin. The higher the price of bitcoin goes, the higher the price of the miners go. There has been a 300% increase in the price of ASIC USB Miners in the last week. Just started mining, the higher the price [...]

How to setup a Bitcoin Miner

Raspberry Pi + Raspian on SD Card + WiFi + cgminer + powered hubs + ASIC Miners + (SOLAR ENERGY) First things first you are going to need to buy the essentials to make a raspberry pi computer. This is a ARM computer board that operates on Linux. The following is hardware you will need [...]

Install Edimax EW-7811Un on Raspberry Pi

It took me while to figure this out but it is very rewarding once you finally get it to work. This configuration is for WPA2-PSK. You can have a WiPI after these7 Easy Steps. Open up the command line LX Terminal on the Raspbian GUI. 1. First things first make sure your Raspberry Pi recognizes [...]

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining There are a few factors that affect the ability for one to mine bitcoins. It can seem like a rather confusing concept. It is. Here is the computer scientist version on how to "Selfish-Mine" Bitcoin. This is my general explanation on how to mine Bitcoin. It comes down to a few things: computer [...]