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1Sheeld by Integreight

The 1Sheeld by Integreight is the bridge for Arduino users and their electronic prototyping dreams.

The 1sheeld enables your smartphone to act as many different Arduino shields.

So what is a shield and why is the 1Sheeld by Integreight so awesome?

A shield can be built or bought and it enables a certain function on a prototyping board that was not built in. For example:

  • camera
  • bluetooth
  • quality audio
  • gps
  • wifi
  • touchscreen
  • meters
  • microphone

BEFORE 1Sheeld, you had to buy a different shield for each individual project.

Now with the 1Sheeld, you can find and build the optimal shield for all of your projects. Engineers and builders now have a wireless relay between their mobile device (and all of your smartphone embedded sensors and widgets) and the Arduino (Raspberry Pi boards with an adapter).

1Sheeld ‘s most important and outstanding function is that you can select and switch between which particular application you want your shield to perform, hence the name 1Sheeld.

The cost is only 20$ on Kickstarter, which has not launched yet and 40$ after.

This device itself it pretty amazing, what will be more amazing is the number of new inventions people will able to build with.

It is opensource, super compatible, and is the newest coolest stack that every electronic prototyper is going to want to get their hands on.

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