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Money 2020 and the Future of Mobile Payments

Bitcoin is the Napster of itunes.

Digital currency is going to do to money with the internet did with information, non-fiat international opensource exchange.

Send remittances to any country without having to pay the X% fees that come with it.

Avoid a subscription (paywall) and gain access to information and articles on a per use/ daily basis/ with micropayments. (25c to read an article).

Avoid paying Square 275$ a month or 2.75% of every transaction.

Avoid paying Paypal 5% + .50$ of each transation under 12$.

Money 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada

the following people are speaking about BTC:

  • Patrick Murck, General Counsel, Bitcoin Foundation
  • Constance Choi, General Counsel, Payward
  • Megan Burton, CEO, CoinX
  • Fred Ehrsam, Co-Founder, Coinbase
  • Tony Gallippi, CEO, BitPay
  • Jered Kenna, CEO, Tradehill
  • Roger Ver, Founder, Representative, Blockchain [Edit: see Roger’s comment below]
  • Denis Kiselev, Founder & CEO, SnapSwap
  • Chris Larsen, CEO, OpenCoin
  • David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer, Ripple
  • Stefan Thomas, CTO, Ripple
  • Bob Way, Integration Engineer, Ripple
  • Vinny Lingham, CEO, Gyft


Cryptocurrency. Programmable. Exhilarating. Volatile. Buy. Coinbase works great.


Micropayment Companies


  • Coinbase
  • Multibit
  • Blockchain

Mobile pay walls are being torn down by the trend to provide to most efficient and effective mobile payment platform.


P2P companies have the user link a bank account, purchase (“insert name here”) money. Stores your ” ” digital wallet. debits and credits.

Take the most steps out of the payment process by leveraging new technologies.

Speed, Cognitive Ease, Design.

Motion QR- multiple sets of data to be blended together into a single graphic code that changes ten times a second.

Cellum Global CEO János Kóka announced a product expected to be in commercial use in early 2014. It is called “Motion QR”. I am doing more research into it now but basically it takes the basic static QR we all know and increases the its capacity to store information. If regular QR is a picture, motion QR is a movie. This product will ensure ID and ticketing “copy and forge proof”. We will soon see these QRs holding:

  • higher level of security
  • advanced storage capability,
  • secure storage of photos,
  • fingerprints,

Smartphones globally:

  • transport and event ticketing.
  • personalized coupons.
  • even electronic ID cards.
  • photo IDs
  • passports
  • monthly transport passes
  • biometric data,

ALL can be displayed on a smartphone without risk of being copied or forwarded. Check out QuickuRLikes

“The essential property of the Motion QR code is that it can only be issued and sent to the user’s phone by the competent authority – a ticket issuing company, official ID card issuing authority, etc. – with the help of Cellum and its special encryption method,” Inotay explained. “But anyone can check the validity of the digital document with a freely-available reader app. This is in line with how printed passports can be read and checked by anyone, while only the competent authority can issue them. Just like a passport, the code can contain a photo and biometric ID, thus the system includes most features of chip-based ID’ing, while cutting heavily on distribution-related costs, offering a cheaper and simpler alternative. Encoding of the consecutive QR codes in the stream is redundant, highly secure and fault-tolerant. Still, it can be displayed as well as scanned by any smartphone. “

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