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Deploying Smart and Secure Wireless Networks in Emerging Mobile Markets

Multinational Hotspot Aggregator

Municipal WiFi is expected to be accesses for free. However it can also be by payment. Even micropayments of digital currency (Bitcoin)

Developing cities can enter the digital world without the need for laying down fiber optic infrastructure.

(Ionic wind solar platforms in geosynchronous orbit over cities (the bubble)).

These networks need to be secure and useful to the end user, the city inhabitant.

The Mission in municipalities is to create cost-effective ways to add capacity and upgrade networks.

I want to build smart cities. Energy efficient, independent smart cities.

  • Bandwidth and MIMO streams(multiple highways)
  • More Antenna more MIMO streams (8×8)
  • Efficient spectrum use

With revolutions in Wireless technology such as 802.11ac operating on the 5Ghz, the enterprise has the opportunity to turn their network into a revenue stream to cover the cost of installation and maintenance.

Build revenue from the network and create robust user experience with enhanced services.

Hotspot 2.0 and the AAA model of roaming phone agreements.

Entrepreneurs create the vision and Governments make the action.

The wireless springboard can be integrated into:

  • Pay to Park systems
  • Machine 2 Machine Operations (Internet of Things)
  • Waste Management Solutions(Big Belly)
  • Bicing Transportation
  • Mass Transit (Tram/Metro/Bus systems)
  • Security
  • Traffic
  • Free Public Access

The goal is to create a business model that facilitates all of these functions, generates revenue/ and or cuts costs and is nimble to fulfill the different needs of various municipalities.


  • Overall security with wireless devices and wireless networks.
  • Malicious attacks are very possible and surprisingly not to intricate to perform.
  • ROI

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