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The College Paradox

“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.”-Mark Twain

I have not bought any books for my classes this year, however I have bought books on Computer programming, App development, telecommunications, Microsoft Excel 2013, Wireless Network Security and enterprise mobile internet. I am paying for two language classes yet I am learning to speak a new language via Duolingo on the internet for free. I take 5 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (one online) yet I do the majority of my education on Monday, and Wednesday in the library. Don’t get me wrong I love college, but I really am starting to believe in the value of self-education via the internet. The only thing stopping someone from learning something new is will power. There are so many resources such as:

  • Khan Academy,
  • W3Schools,
  • Codecademy,
  • Duolingo

There is a difference between googling something for an answer and teaching yourself something new. When someone goes to college for manage-ment or busy-ness, they are learning what.. how to organize their operations. They learn to put themselves in a better position to be successful in future endeavors. They build teams so that they can specialize, delegate operations and achieve the common goal. No matter what the venture it always comes down to the people on the team. College is not about getting a degree, it’s about becoming a person of value. A degree does not guarantee monetary wealth and that’s the reality of it. At 21, wealth in my life comes from experiences and the way I put myself in a better position to succeed and achieve greater experiences.

Okay I’ll say it, college doesn’t matter that much. Now read the article below:

A Focus On Efficiency – Whitepaper

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