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Wireless Fidelty

This is what WiFi is and where it is going next

Mobile wireless connectivity for our world. I want to establish a low frequency, multinational system that enables this. With recent advancements in wireless technology there becomes in increase in the necessity to secure these networks. It is a matter of finding the right balance of convenience(efficiency) and security. 802.11ac and hotspot 2.0 will be very rewarding in the enterprise. Entrepreneurs who can come up with cost effective ways to add capacity and upgrade networks. The revenue model comes from offsetting data from carrier traffic by using your hot spot zones. By establishing hotspots in rural areas and upgrading access points in metropolitan city centers it will be beneficiary to the customer, to the venue, and to the aggregator. The installation and maintenance of picocells(mini cell sites) are outsourced by the enterprise. Central monitoring software can be used to remotely change access point  based on traffic data. The advancements in WiFi come from spectrum efficiency.

I am thinking about what I can call what I want to do with energy and wifi in one sentence. I think it sounds something like “WiFi and Energy Solutions”. I want to create solar powered access points that operate with 802.11ac and Hotspot2.0 on 5GHz. Monthly micro payment subscriptions as a prepaid software as a service solution for multinational enterprise carriers.

The service will be secure through an AAA, analogous to that of roaming phone carrier handshakes. This is basically what Hotspot2.0 will be and it will be interesting what types on B2B solutions will be wrapped with these advancements. One addition in particular is WiFiDirect, software that communicates directly with another device. This allows a laptop to act as an access point. WAP2 security.

Bitcoins, micropayments, multinational, B2B, applications, useful, enterprise, WiFi, Solar Energy = ” ___________________”

It is evident that the mobile wireless market is going to continue to grow over the next decade. With another 3-5 billion people coming into the digital world with smartphones and tablets the technology in WiFi capacity and frequency will need to increase.

The solution needs to be Smart, Simple, and Scalable.

It comes down to delivering data to users on any device, at anytime, on WiFi. More bandwidth, more efficient spectrum use, denser constellations, MU-MIMO and more intricate APs.


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