Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online

Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online Great article, well worth the read.

Deploying Smart and Secure Wireless Networks in Emerging Mobile Markets

Multinational Hotspot Aggregator Municipal WiFi is expected to be accesses for free. However it can also be by payment. Even micropayments of digital currency (Bitcoin) Developing cities can enter the digital world without the need for laying down fiber optic infrastructure. (Ionic wind solar platforms in geosynchronous orbit over cities (the bubble)). These networks need [...]

The Lean Startup

Third Presentation and by far the most insightful was by Jerome Engel, Entrepreneurship Teacher at UC BERKELEY. Jerrry and Steve Blank have developed a model called the “Lean Startup”. I read an article about it in Niza a few weeks ago in the Harvard Business Review. Everything he talked about yesterday validated my thoughts about [...]

Bitcoin + Micropayments + WiFi

Bitcoin is going to disrupt many internet services. By paying in micropayments for connection to WiFi, to read an article, to send a tip after reading the article, to send remittances ; business can avoid the 2-3% that many third party payment services charge. Current payment rails do not support payments under a $1. Bitcoin [...]

The College Paradox

"Don't let schooling interfere with your education."-Mark Twain I have not bought any books for my classes this year, however I have bought books on Computer programming, App development, telecommunications, Microsoft Excel 2013, Wireless Network Security and enterprise mobile internet. I am paying for two language classes yet I am learning to speak a new [...]

Wireless Fidelty

This is what WiFi is and where it is going next Mobile wireless connectivity for our world. I want to establish a low frequency, multinational system that enables this. With recent advancements in wireless technology there becomes in increase in the necessity to secure these networks. It is a matter of finding the right balance [...]

Telecommunications + Network Security + Android + Digital Currency

Finding synergies is the key to everything that I am learning right now. Telecommunications Wireless Network Security JavaScript/JQUERY Wireless Android Application Development BitCoins and MicroPayments Solar Energy/ Solar Leap There is an overall need for fast WiFi in city centers, enterprise venues. I want to build a useful "X" that enables people in major city [...]