Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online

Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online

Great article, well worth the read.

Deploying Smart and Secure Wireless Networks in Emerging Mobile Markets

Multinational Hotspot Aggregator

Municipal WiFi is expected to be accesses for free. However it can also be by payment. Even micropayments of digital currency (Bitcoin)

Developing cities can enter the digital world without the need for laying down fiber optic infrastructure.

(Ionic wind solar platforms in geosynchronous orbit over cities (the bubble)).

These networks need to be secure and useful to the end user, the city inhabitant.

The Mission in municipalities is to create cost-effective ways to add capacity and upgrade networks.

I want to build smart cities. Energy efficient, independent smart cities.

  • Bandwidth and MIMO streams(multiple highways)
  • More Antenna more MIMO streams (8×8)
  • Efficient spectrum use

With revolutions in Wireless technology such as 802.11ac operating on the 5Ghz, the enterprise has the opportunity to turn their network into a revenue stream to cover the cost of installation and maintenance.

Build revenue from the network and create robust user experience with enhanced services.

Hotspot 2.0 and the AAA model of roaming phone agreements.

Entrepreneurs create the vision and Governments make the action.

The wireless springboard can be integrated into:

  • Pay to Park systems
  • Machine 2 Machine Operations (Internet of Things)
  • Waste Management Solutions(Big Belly)
  • Bicing Transportation
  • Mass Transit (Tram/Metro/Bus systems)
  • Security
  • Traffic
  • Free Public Access

The goal is to create a business model that facilitates all of these functions, generates revenue/ and or cuts costs and is nimble to fulfill the different needs of various municipalities.


  • Overall security with wireless devices and wireless networks.
  • Malicious attacks are very possible and surprisingly not to intricate to perform.
  • ROI

The Lean Startup

Third Presentation and by far the most insightful was by Jerome Engel, Entrepreneurship Teacher at UC BERKELEY.

Jerrry and Steve Blank have developed a model called the “Lean Startup”. I read an article about it in Niza a few weeks ago in the Harvard Business Review. Everything he talked about yesterday validated my thoughts about this model.

Lean Startup Launch PAD

Research funding at UC Berkeley is 1.7 Billion a year. This money goes directly to creating new knowledge for the world. Entrepreneurs and the Government work in unison to stimulate innovation for a better planet.

This presentation is for MBA students and usually takes around 5 hours. He gave a intense summary of it in 30 minutes. Innovation comes from Individuals

Berkeley’s motto is Leading through innovation

Innovation is Discovery + Application

The tool of every entrepreneur is innovation. Entrepreneurs need change. Big companies are constantly searching for incremental change they can manage. However A “Disruptive Techology” is the the surprise to the BIG COMPANIES. Entrepreneurs know hot to capitalize on the surprise and exit.

Basically, the internet we know of in the wall is completely moving into the cloud. Everything will be mobile internet. Barcelona is going to become the mobile capital of the world. Spain has the most smartphone users in Europe. The internet is literally going to be everywhere.

This is my chance is to build something that a big enterprise sees as scalable. They are three types of entrepreneurs:

  1. there are knowledge creator’s and researchers,
  2. there are business creators,
  3. and then there are business harvesters.

It all comes down to three things when we are talking feasibility:

  1. Money
  2. People
  3. Technology

Collaborate with others, apply your resources and capitalize on opportunity.

Starts with investigation, then Market Penetration which is where your need for seed $ exist.

Adapt the vision for the future based on market demand.

First, I am going to define the process of the new startup.

I am taking what I know now which is basically that another 2-3 billion people entering the smartphone community they are going to need WiFi, bandwidth and some awesome integrations to city applications.

There are a couple different types of startups there are:

  • lifestyle start ups
  • social startups: solving a social problem
  • small biz:known target, known product

The goal is basically to create a highly scaleable model that solves for: a unknown customer and unknown features. The perception before even knowing. A scalable startup is born to be big but its all about the search process.

It is about the discovery of the most efficient and effective business model. THAT IS IT.

It used to be that startups are small versions of a one day very Large Company. THIS IS NOT THE CASE ANYMORE.

Startups are the search. No first business plan will ever survive. It cannot possibly. Everything is changing on a daily basis. The first contact with customers has to be a failure. You need to disect exactly where the model failed and adapt.

Be nimble and gather as much research to create a scalable model and you will also reduce your cost in time & money. It’s all about the search. Startups are just temporary known experiments designed for a scaleable and workable business model. Startups need unique tools. It is the business model and a hypothesis of how it will change based on market demand.

  1. value
  2. customer
  3. adapt

Every startup needs to to talk to its customer. Understand exactly where the need is and adapt the product or service. The hypotheses, the design experiments the test and the adapt with your insight. The team is the most important and the best. The startup is nimble. The PIVOT in the right direction with your experiment is key.

Test the model at all times. It will work in cities around the world and be scalable. You can get an opinion at all times in this global world.

This is just an except but what if you paid people at all times to take surveys around a business and then you had a 24 hour feed back system for your startup specified by geo-graphical market. I digress, you have to know the global customer problem and then take the logistics and apply it to the glocal solution. Know the value of your technology and know exactly what need it fulfills.

The example Jerry gave yesterday was: “100 face to face in 10 weeks is the minimum”. Why not turn that into 100 a day with my “X”.

Maybe I will pay people to give feedback to Start-ups. Once again I digress.

You have your customer development team and then you have your strategy the your process and the WHOLE OBJECTIVE IS BASICALLY:

  • Discover the model,
  • TEST it with your customer development
  • PIVOT with the assessment of your agile team

Basically respond to the results. That’s why every app has the “rate us now popup”.The search process is the key of it all and Persistence!

Bitcoin + Micropayments + WiFi

Bitcoin is going to disrupt many internet services. By paying in micropayments for connection to WiFi, to read an article, to send a tip after reading the article, to send remittances ; business can avoid the 2-3% that many third party payment services charge. Current payment rails do not support payments under a $1. Bitcoin enables because it is divisible to .00000001 BTC.

mBTC = mili bitcoin = 1 thousandth of a bitcoin = 0.001BTC

uBTC = micro bitcoin = 1 millionth of a bitcoin = 0.000001BTC

1 Satoshi is the lowest possible unit of bitcoin,  is often used to mean 0.00000001 BTC.

Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital, so that you can do more of it and move forward with it.

For example using prepaid micropayments of bitcoin to connect to a Wifi hotspot can be a great service for the consumer, the enterprise venue, and the aggregator. WiFi is more power effcient with mobile devices and also doesnt use data on peoples plan.

With increasese in WiFi technololgy such as:

  • bluetooth
  • wifi direct
  • lte direct
  • peer to peer mesh networking technology

Micropayments can be integrated into a number of services. For example paying 1 mBTC per minute to connect to a hotspot at the Olympics. Using hotspot 2.0 roaming AAA agreements between hotspot aggregators such as ipass and boingo


to : deliver data

By changing the average internet consumer’s performance expectation to 1 Gbps, more internet services will be used over a shorter period of time. More services that are used, more money that is made on advertising.

This has to be done at the enterprise level in large offices, schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, and large retail stores. The ways this can be achieved is by:

  • decreasing the cost of installing such networks
  • increasing bandwidth width (5Ghz)
  • denser constellations
  • increased integration of APs


Payment Channels are the answer to making these types of microtransaction applications work.



The College Paradox

“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.”-Mark Twain

I have not bought any books for my classes this year, however I have bought books on Computer programming, App development, telecommunications, Microsoft Excel 2013, Wireless Network Security and enterprise mobile internet. I am paying for two language classes yet I am learning to speak a new language via Duolingo on the internet for free. I take 5 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (one online) yet I do the majority of my education on Monday, and Wednesday in the library. Don’t get me wrong I love college, but I really am starting to believe in the value of self-education via the internet. The only thing stopping someone from learning something new is will power. There are so many resources such as:

  • Khan Academy,
  • W3Schools,
  • Codecademy,
  • Duolingo

There is a difference between googling something for an answer and teaching yourself something new. When someone goes to college for manage-ment or busy-ness, they are learning what.. how to organize their operations. They learn to put themselves in a better position to be successful in future endeavors. They build teams so that they can specialize, delegate operations and achieve the common goal. No matter what the venture it always comes down to the people on the team. College is not about getting a degree, it’s about becoming a person of value. A degree does not guarantee monetary wealth and that’s the reality of it. At 21, wealth in my life comes from experiences and the way I put myself in a better position to succeed and achieve greater experiences.

Okay I’ll say it, college doesn’t matter that much. Now read the article below:

A Focus On Efficiency – Whitepaper

Wireless Fidelty

This is what WiFi is and where it is going next

Mobile wireless connectivity for our world. I want to establish a low frequency, multinational system that enables this. With recent advancements in wireless technology there becomes in increase in the necessity to secure these networks. It is a matter of finding the right balance of convenience(efficiency) and security. 802.11ac and hotspot 2.0 will be very rewarding in the enterprise. Entrepreneurs who can come up with cost effective ways to add capacity and upgrade networks. The revenue model comes from offsetting data from carrier traffic by using your hot spot zones. By establishing hotspots in rural areas and upgrading access points in metropolitan city centers it will be beneficiary to the customer, to the venue, and to the aggregator. The installation and maintenance of picocells(mini cell sites) are outsourced by the enterprise. Central monitoring software can be used to remotely change access point  based on traffic data. The advancements in WiFi come from spectrum efficiency.

I am thinking about what I can call what I want to do with energy and wifi in one sentence. I think it sounds something like “WiFi and Energy Solutions”. I want to create solar powered access points that operate with 802.11ac and Hotspot2.0 on 5GHz. Monthly micro payment subscriptions as a prepaid software as a service solution for multinational enterprise carriers.

The service will be secure through an AAA, analogous to that of roaming phone carrier handshakes. This is basically what Hotspot2.0 will be and it will be interesting what types on B2B solutions will be wrapped with these advancements. One addition in particular is WiFiDirect, software that communicates directly with another device. This allows a laptop to act as an access point. WAP2 security.

Bitcoins, micropayments, multinational, B2B, applications, useful, enterprise, WiFi, Solar Energy = ” ___________________”

It is evident that the mobile wireless market is going to continue to grow over the next decade. With another 3-5 billion people coming into the digital world with smartphones and tablets the technology in WiFi capacity and frequency will need to increase.

The solution needs to be Smart, Simple, and Scalable.

It comes down to delivering data to users on any device, at anytime, on WiFi. More bandwidth, more efficient spectrum use, denser constellations, MU-MIMO and more intricate APs.


Telecommunications + Network Security + Android + Digital Currency

Finding synergies is the key to everything that I am learning right now.

  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless Network Security
  • JavaScript/JQUERY
  • Wireless Android Application Development
  • BitCoins and MicroPayments
  • Solar Energy/ Solar Leap

There is an overall need for fast WiFi in city centers, enterprise venues. I want to build a useful “X” that enables people in major city centers and enterprise venues:

  1. Wirelessly/Securely access the internet form any mobile device
  2. Wirelessly/Securely charge their device