Enterprise Problems to Solve

Search and Disrupt in these industries: Health care Finance Education Food Transportation Energy Trade Technology Infrastructure Talent Development 95% of companies are SMES. This is where the innovation and competition in industries comes from. < 50 employees Small <250 employees Medium Build Business Applications that can scale to all of these different industries. Machine 2 [...]

Disruptive Development

Yo do you even code bro? Yeah. I do. Codecademy HTML- Done CSS- Done JavaScript- Done JQuery- Done PHP, Ruby, and Python Next! GitHub: DomSteil


Elon Musk and Richard Branson Google+ Hangout "Just get on and do it do it. Come up with great idea and just do it. Give it a try." Richard Brand opens up the conversation. Get as much feedback from others to build the best possible model. To put together the best people you need real [...]