Computer Programming Entrepreneurship


After the best 6 months of my life in Europe, I am back home in California. I got back from Barcelona around 3 weeks ago. I turned 21 years old, it is the middle of summer, and I am going to be returning to the University of Arizona in the Fall.

I am still very active in tech research and I am currently teaching myself how to computer program. I have basic HTML down. I have finished my category of CSS but probably could learn more about it. I am just starting to get into JavaScript and JQuery. My resources are:

Basically I want to be able to build whatever I want using computer programming. I am not working any type of internship at the moment but I am definitely keeping busy. I am interested in:

  • WiFi
  • BitCoin
  • Solar Energy
  • Mobile Payments
  • Computer Programming
  • International Business
  • QR Codes
  • Tech Startups
  • Network Marketing

I am learning Portuguese right now via They have an awesome app as well. I speak English and Spanish. I am probably going to go to Brazil next summer for the World Cup.

I want to start a company that incorporates all of my interests above, and I can build a software solution that integrates all of them. It needs to be simple. I want to make money while I sleep. Low activity, high return.

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