B2B Computer Programming

Business 2 Business Software Solutions There is a lot of money to be made in programming B2B third party JavaScript. After teaching myself the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I am ready to start building applications that will solve enterprise problems. The main goal is to build something that company "A" buys or uses [...]


For whatever reason: Box Inc. Compound Photonics Cloudxtension Crittercism Digitaloptics Corporation Duracell Powermat Technologies Forescout Technologies Franklin Wireless Freescale Semiconductor GCT Semiconductor, Inc. GE Energy Storage Glympse GT Advanced Technologies Guavus Infinite Peripherals Surfeasy Inc Interdigital Invensense, Inc. Inventit Inc. Jasper, Wireless, Inc. JPL NASA Juniper Networks Keynote Deviceanywhere Koamtac Lifeproof Liquipel Ludei Manageengine Montavista [...]

The easiest way to buy Bitcoins with US Dollars

So you want to buy some Bitcoins? Cool. Not a bad idea. They are a relatively new technology and I am sure there will be some great opportunities and stories that come from this digital cryptocurrency. Good Luck. The most efficient and effective way to buy Bitcoins with US Dollars: 1. Acquire some capital and [...]

BitCoins + WiFi + Solar Synergy

Imagine paying for WiFi through your solar panel with a digital cryptocurrency. This is the first draft of what I am developing for geo graphical markets just entering the digital world. This works inverse aswell. Imagine paying your solar bill by offsetting some of your WiFi. I am developing a program where people are going [...]


After the best 6 months of my life in Europe, I am back home in California. I got back from Barcelona around 3 weeks ago. I turned 21 years old, it is the middle of summer, and I am going to be returning to the University of Arizona in the Fall. I am still very [...]