Next Generation WiFI: 802.11ac


This is the next generation of wifi that will provide connectivity unlike ever before. This is the 5G. It operates on the 5Ghz band and therefore bypasses noise from the 2.4Ghz traffic. Municipal Wifi systems will run on this channel. There are only 4 prototypes in this type of WiFi system. It will be adopted as the norm taking place of 802.11n.In fact, due to the popularity of mobile applications such as Skype and FaceTime, some mobile phone owners use Wi-Fi for all of their communications needs, including simple phone calls. Another exciting new capability for wireless devices is not technically part of the IEEE 802.11ac standard, but it is expected to grow in popularity along with it.
Wi-Fi Direct allows two Wi-Fi devices to communicate with each other directly, without the need for a Wi-Fi access point in between. For example, suppose you and a seatmate on an airplane want to swap files from your notebooks or mobile phones. Right now, you need Wi-Fi access points to do so. But with Wi-Fi Direct, the two devices could communicate back and forth directly, even without wireless coverage being provided.
Wi-Fi Direct is supported in the current
IEEE 802.11n standard, but has not been widely used.

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