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Disruptive Technologies and Programming

In this 21st century business world, there are two key abilities a person of value should posses:

The ability to network and computer program.

The social international businessman entrepreneur and ambitious computer programmer.This is who I will be. I want to be able to leverage computer programming and my business knowledge so that I can become a man of high value to companies trying to change the world. Being able to speak JavaScript is absolutely essential to my future business endeavors. I want to communicate in the most efficient and effective way with teams of developers while we  focus out time and efforts on ideas that will bring about a “creative destruction” to the old ways of doing things. These are called Disruptive Technologies.

There are four characteristics of every disruptive technology:

  • High Rate of Technology Change
  • Broad potential scope of impact
  • Large economic value that could be affected
  • Substantial potential for disruptive economic impact

Over the next decade, the 12 disruptive technologies we will see are:

  1. The Mobile Internet: Increasingly inexpensive and the mobile computing devices + WiFi. Imagine another 2-3 billion people entering the digital world. Their will be a huge economic impact in this sector for developing countries.
  2. Cloud Computing Technologies:Software services over the Internet. Once again HUGE economic impact for SMES in developing countries, giving the the tools to innovate and grow in their rapidly changing world.
  3. Autonomous vehicles: Pioneered by Google, will transform and touch every facet of every industry. Shipping, supply side logistics, Mass transportation, high speed access intercontinental access.
  4. Municipal WiFi Networks and the Internet of Things: The Urban Operating System. The Physical Space literally becoming the internet. The interconnection of a city and its inhabitants through multiple applications and censors on single infrastructure enhancing the overall quality of urban life.
  5. Advanced Robotics: Automated tasks and human augmentation.
  6. Genomics: Transferring this industry from the biologist to the computer scientist. The cost of gene sequencing has decreased drastically over the last ten years. Genomics at infancy.
  7. 3D printing:Revolutionize every single item manufactured by printing layers from digital models. Food industry. Manufacturing. Digital Health.
  8. Oil and Gas extraction systems: Make unconventional sources accessible. High risk for environment however great return from befroe unreachable reserves.
  9. Advanced Materials: Enhanced strength, weight, conductivity, function of materials. Solar Energy. Battery. Graphene. Ion Engines. Gallium Arsenide.
  10. Renewable Energy: Generation of electricity with reduced harmful impact on climate. MY PERSONAL FAVORITE. Solar Leap of developing countries to become completely powered by renewable energy. Electrical for communication, transportation,  habitat.
  11. Energy Storage: The MOST important across all industry sectors and the key. Electrical Vehicles, Personal Devices. Electrical Grid.

All of these Disruptive Technologies will be made most efficient by the use of entrepreneurs who  program computers, conduct research and development, and take big risk. Everything is becoming less mechanical and more technical. With technological advancements however we have to recognize the effects on human capital demand and create a way for citizens to prosper while emerging technology continue to change the way we live our lives.


Be at the forefront of disruptive technologies.

These disruptive technologies of the 21st century will cause very explicit and rapid change. There has never been a better time to learn how code. Be the one in control of these disruptive technologies instead of being controlled by them. Put it this way, are you either going to be replaceable by a machine or are you going to be telling the machines what to do. I am going to be the latter. I am going to leverage my social skills, my business knowledge and my computer programming knowledge, to put myself in the best possible position to succeed in every business endeavor, project, and opportunity that I look at.

  1. Is it Business 2 Business?
  2. Is their a high volume impact?
  3. Possible M&A?

These are all important to me but the most important is that: All business is people business. Imagine learning to program from the start on your smartphone. Imagine operating your business and communicating to your developers or  executives from anywhere in the world on a smartphone. My goal is to make solar energy our global primary energy source. The technology will catch up and I am positive that this is going to happen in my lifetime.

Failure cannot cope with Persistence!

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