Computer Programming

Where is the Money At? THIS is where.

Here is a summary of what I have learned over the past few months from an invaluable international business experience in Europe.

The Money/Value in my very near future is in:

Solving B2B problems through M&A with Disruptive Technology. Provide glocal, multilingual, tech solution to the 20 million SMEs which make up around 97% of active businesses in Europe.

B2C especially in the tech industry is more fun, everyone can use it and likes to use it, but it is not where the money is at. Maybe the top ten people in popular B2C startups and app companies are making bank. The REAL money is in Business to Business. Solve Enterprise problems. The volume of B2B transactions will always be much larger than the volume of a B2C transactions. I will do business with one company to another company. I am not focused only on my own options. My job is understanding the other two/three/four party’s interest and THAT will give me leverage.

International. Mergers and Acquisitions. Mergers and Acquisitions. Mergers and Acquisitions. Business to Business. Disruptive Technology. International. Cloud based. Multilingual Solutions.

Reading Material:

Harvard Business Review

McKinsey Quarterly

The Wall Street Journal

Tech Crunch

Fast Company

Perspective is reality.

You should be able to run a multi-million dollar business from your Iphone.

I felt like a boss because I was in my prime.

All Business Is People Business.

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