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I want to bring BigBelly to… Barcelona, Africa and Russia.

I don’t know if you have heard of this company called BigBelly but I want to bring their product around the world. BigBelly took home the Best Project Award at the Second Annual World Smart Cities Awards, in conjunction with the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, Spain. BigBelly Solar beat out competitors from around the globe for its intelligent waste and recycling collection system.

I want to bring this company to Africa, Russia, and South America.

Pretty ambitious huh?

First I will start off in Barcelona. If I can make it happen here I can make it happen anywhere.

Barcelona does not currently have any BigBelly products as far as I can see from my research.

The way this product works is it is a solar trash and recycling compactor that it is integrated into WiFi systems that notify when they are full and need to be emptied. The city benefits because they increase recycling, they do not have to make trips to empty containers, and they look tech savvy and awesome.

This is a very feasible project here.

Next is Africa: I am or very soon will be in contact with many contacts in Cameroon and Tunisia regarding this business opportunity for them. Currently there are 0 distributors in Africa for this company. I am going to make the bridge for this company to the continent of Africa. Solar trash compactors in Africa… I guess it makes sense.

Russia: In a about two weeks I will be in contact with business and connections from all over Russia. It is my objective to present these solar trash compactors as a very feasible project that will benefit Russian cities and develop long term sustainable energy relationships.

Okay so Barcelona I 100% can do. Africa is very possible. Russia is a long shot but why not, they don’t have any distributors there and I have the opportunity of a lifetime with Russian week coming to Barcelona May 21st -24th.

I never thought I’d day this but I am going to start learning some Russian.

Check out this company below:



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